You gotta love Pinball!!


You have to love Pnball Clemons. Just saw him racing one of his players out on the field prior to kickoff. His enthusiasm for the CFL, his love of his players, his numerous charitable works all highlight what a first class person he is, and, that the CFL is very lucky to have him around!! Kudos to you Michael - you are a gem!

CFL Forever

Pinball is my favorite pro athelete off the field, and one of my favorites on the field. He is the reason the argos are my number two team. Number one today.

Pinball is sweet.

I liked it when he was greeting the fans before the game.

I'm gonna miss the man.

Pinball is my favorite. Not only in the CFL but any league. Class act.

He's great for the league. He needs to be kept around at all cost.

I agree with all of you guys. A class act. Does anyone know if he really is retiring? It'll be sad to see him go.