You Gotta Feel Sorry For Nick Setta

Nick punts the ball deep in Argo territory all night and even makes touchdown saving tackles when the zebras miss clips and obvious holding calls.When the Argos were pinned deep by Setta's kicks,a good defence would have held the Blue Team to two downs and out but alas our Cats are not a good or even average defence.The D Line needs major help and the zone schemes seem to have huge holes in them where the Talbots and Bruces of the league have run freely all season.
Adding to our woes,the officials never seem to be there when they are needed.During the opening kickoff,I had the glasses on Jordan Matechuk,the young Canadian special team player.The kid raced down the field and as the Argo returner made his move upfield,Matechuk was pushed in the back.No tackle for Jordan and no call by the officials led to a huge Argo return which setup the opening touchdown.Later in the game 2 TiCat covermen were clipped during an Argo kick return.Again no call by the Sriped Ones but Printers was called for procedure when in the shotgun he moved his hands forward in calling for the snap.I've never seen that call before but then again, these are CFL officials.
Most postings on this site are looking at the offense as the culprit in the loss but from my view,we still have the best kicker in the league but also the worst defence.You gotta feel sorry for Nick Setta.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

I agree, I dont understand why people are complaining about our offence when our Defence was terrible most of the game. No pressure on Joseph, secondary could'nt knock down a beach ball.

Yeah this was not the same defense that we saw last time these two teams met. They were not even present.

where was the special teams last night just as bad maybe even worse than the defence

I agree with these posts as well. Our offense will be fine with only a little tweaking along the "O" line.

Defense and Special teams however, require much work to even approach league standards.

Don't blame the refs.

Special teams may have had a bit of a bad game, possibly aided by Argo clips and holds (I believe they have been the best at getting away with this on special teams for years, but that's what experience will get you), but the defense is still by far the weakest part of our team, and didn't play particularly well last night.

You can blame the Tackles, blame the Ends, blame the Secondary, blame the Linebackers, or blame the Coaches. Doesn't matter, this team cannot stop the pass!!! No pressure on the QB, players open over the middle, to the side, and deep. All resulting is the defense surrendering big plays, and long drives by the opposition.

We can only hope that they continue to improve, and possibly find some help to solidify our defense. One or two stops would have made the difference in the result of yesterdays game.


please dont try and defend the no calls they made on the 2 kick returns.

Why TOFAN? Are they your "special friends"? Or are they Pinball's (there HAS to be a reason his teeth are so white)? I blame incompetence. Yes, we did not make plays when we had to, but BLATANT penalties should be called.

the refs were terrible

2 kick returns where there were 3 hits from behind

giving taffe a delay of game penatly, as they should, when he throws the flag for a third time but they didn't flag the argos for withdrawing their challenge, it's the same stupid thing, delay of game

also, taffe should not have had to use a challenge flag for the obvious skipping of the ball on his second challenge. the ref was right there, i saw it clearly up in sec 8.

the reffing was garbage.

the one kick return resulted in 7, the other in 3 (if i am not mistaken) and taffe's third challenge would have resulted in 3 instead of 7

i'm not expert but let's say the argos end up with 3 field goals, that's 9 points instaed of 17

heck, lets give the their first 10 points, and we win the challenge, we win by 1!

The blue team scored on the very next play, 2nd down or 1st down would not have made a difference, they got the 1st down but didn't need the extra down, Taafe's gaff had no bearing on that play

i think they also moved the ball up a yard. and even if they didnt im sure there would of been alot more fight in the cats if it was 2nd down.