You gotta be happy Bomber fans!

Wow, wow, wow! That Montreal vs Bombers game was quite the game. Down 12 points after the Als scored another major with just 1:40 on the clock I figured that was it. Who would have thought that a 12 point lead would not have been enough? Man you have to hand it the Bombers. In 1:40 they had to score a major, recover an on-side kick and then score another major! Montreal has to be wondering what just happened. It would have been a fabulous game to watch from the stands.

@ Dan38....

It wasn't the blow out you are longing for but it has to be every bit as satisfying. Not good on the old ticker I'm sure but what the hey. The Lions pulled if off in similar fashion against the Bombers last week. Good on the Bombers to do themselves....only in even more convincing fashion. 83 points in two games says a lot about the Offence. For sure Montreal sat back and I guess figured that even if the Bombers scored late in the 4th quarter there would be no way they would recover the on-side kick and actually take it in for another major. But the Bombers did win because the Als handed the game to them. The Bombers wanted the win more! Man.... were the Als ever wrong on this one!

We depended on this kind of win for many games last year. We need to be more dominant.

Of course I am happy with the win but I see a pattern that I don't like. Allowing or causing a problem to arise and then patting yourself on the back for solving the problem isn't my way of thinking. Not letting the problem exist in the first place is how the good teams play.

....I'll take it but by no means am I thrilled....This game could've gone easily the other way if it weren't for one terrific back in Harris...He leads this team and the rest better start taking their que from him...Horrendous porous defence by the Bombers giving a team that has trouble scoring 20 points in a game never mind 40...I don't see a Cup contender yet but maybe next game.......maybe

Still too many softs dressed in blue

  1. Roc
  2. Hurl
  3. Loffler got run over - wow!!!

Only average speed by WRs - no breakaway guys w/ super hands.

$200k FG kicker slumping

GM got f'd up in the draft - virtually nothing w/ picks 1, 6, 14

HC - still in his own private world. Predicted.

DC - major problem! Predicted! :cowboy:

edit: just learned bomber Rt offensive tackle had to submit a rape kit - so badly was he savaged!

See what Cal. just did to Ham. That's what I want. It doesn't matter which team we do it to, although I do have preferences. :lol:

I'm with Papa all the way. I'll take the win but I am not impressed. Those games are great for the promotion of the league but I am tired of nail-biters when it comes to the Bombers. Yes I am happy that we are always in the game, I just want more control, dominance, Like the really good teams have always had.

Sorry guys - just not enough power, speed, finesse to do anything other than dogging it out w/ SRR for the cross-over (7 wins should do it, perhaps 8)

Unfortunately Lyle, I think you are right !

....There's a problem with this club, and that would be the fact we don't seem to be able to stay consistent in a game....Sporadic play leading to the opposition immediately replying to our scoring, no matter what point in the game....We seem to think once we've scored and have a lead we relax and give up big plays letting the other club march down field and reply with scoring of their own...Many times we have gone into a lead, and on the ensuing kickoff have a team deep in their end, only to have them waltz down the field into our end with big plays...We allow their receivers a ton of room to make a big play, then we're in scramble mode...Seen it time and time again...I know we have talent in our secondary (one exception Carmichael an oft beaten rook) but there should be no way we allow a team to march at will...Granted it's not always the pass game that haunts us, but all of a sudden a club with a suspect back, breaks one for a chunk of yardage making our D line look foolish (see hurl)...I'm not happy with our return game either....we are missing Mcduff big time and hope he finds his way back here soon...Fogg is pretty good but I still think he's not a 100 percent healthy ...the rest not so much...Just some of the things I've noticed in our game so far this year :roll:

The Bombers do have some talent in the secondary - but when you are always playing 6+ yards off the simply are not going to get a lot of "playmaking" like actually contesting the throw and breaking up passes This soft zone pass D, drives me nuts.

One could say that Hall is doing this, at the moment because we are short 4 starters and have 5 first year players playing or in rotation in the back 7. You could also say that Hall does this all the time, anyways.

Wild and Leggett (one of the top defenders in the league) are sorely missed.....the current LB crew is having their struggles. Hurl is an ok supporting player, but not strong or fast enough to be a headliner...or for that matter really play the middle. Knox has some physical tools but is still learning positioning and tackling technique. The other spot has been a revolving door....

The bright spot has been the rebuild of the DL, by Walters - Opogo has been hurt, but Nevis, Johnson, and Jeffcoat can certainly ball. If the Bombers can get a littler healthy in the back.....things should improve.

I’m all for positive thinking and being thankful for what we have but there is a hump that we have to surmount. That hump is the difference between a GOOD team and fairly good sometimes team. It’s not just emotion, it’s also confidence. I’ve seen a good many Bomber teams play like that over the years. This team has the emotion for sure. That’s what carries them to victory but you can’t rely on that alone. You need to believe/ know that you are going to win the game. Not be scrambling, with 40 seconds left in the game, to get a first down so you can get a FG to tie it.

With 3 Ws in their stockings already the bombers need 1 more win in their next few games = then they're prolly assured of going down the homestretch (last 3 or 4 gmes) needing only 2 or 3 wins to certify crossover status (ie. 7 or 8 wins). Thus, the bombers won't be out of it until the final 2 games of the year. Unless SRR go on a tear & sweep the big blue, somehow get to 9 wins - making it extremely difficult for the bombers to qualify!

If they can tighten up the defense they should make the playoffs. Likely won't get too far but a playoff spot is about all this regime seems capable of shooting for.

.....That's exactly why a lot of fans are not filling the stadium...We're past the mediocre want a Cup winner and are not settling for...'just getting there'...Considering all of the time spent trying to get there, I don't think that's unreasonable...(see redblacks with a Cup win 2 years after their return....see Bomber drought of 26 years)... ;D

Mediocrity is the message - as Mr. McLuhan so eloquently stated!

So long as Monsieur Wad can sardine 21,500 to 23,000 bums in the stadium nothing gonna happen. Team frightened bringing irregular players with eccentric personalities to town. . . . . . . prefer slower & under-powered men with church mouse personalities.

Should compete hard for the crossover this year - destined to crumple in only playoff game if they slither thru; past Hamilton, Regina & Ottawa or Montreal

Predictions for the bottom 4

Ott - 8 wins plus the tie
HTC - 5 wins
SRR - 6 to 7 Ws
MON - 7 Ws
WPG - 6 to 8 Ws