LOL...far from any kind of personal attack, just re-stating what you yourself have said. (posted)

Now if your viewing what I'm saying to you as a personal attack than I'm afraid you'll think I'm also saying negative about your Pop with the following cut and paste.
I'm not and wouldn't ever, no matter what direction a debate went.
So with all due respect to your father,

[i]He told me that I needed to go to Civic Stadium ( Ivor Wynne) where he had played against the old Hamilton Tigers and the Hamilton Wildcats! He said that Hamilton was one of the best Stadiums in the world and the fans and the teams were tough! I did that in 2000 and have made some great friends there. I've also met many old fellows who played against him and remembered him to me. I also have chatted with those old guys who have attended so many Grey Cups continually, including their first in 1936!

Ivor Wynne Stadium and indeed all the original fields where my dad has played are special to me! It is my intention to try to visit every city and stadium where he played! I know some are gone but for myself, it is something I'm looking forward to![/i]

Now the point I'm trying to make is you've been attending since 2000, and despite your assertion that you know football better than others here I think that's pretty much been covered in other threads.
You have no more insight into the internal operations of this team than anyone else here and it $ucks that you somehow think your better.

Well that explains the reason for the personal attacks! the “Gang” has a new member! you’ve been found out guys…jealousy will get you nowhere!

Care to stake your reputation on another signing there Zontar…Onemoredork…Dr. Snuggles…or whatewver your flavour is this month? :lol: :lol:

Wow, that was an attack out of nowhere. Getting a little sensitive in your old age eh woody?

If only you knew how wrong that is.

No one needs to join a gang to see through something as transparent as your words.

Woody..your sad :expressionless: You seem to me as a person who is never wrong and even if you think you are, can never admit it and then start attacking people.Take a break..after all is it really that important to always think your right?

Well thanks for the trip down memory lane! :thup:

But obviously you are trying to discredit me for some reason? Perhaps it is because I was right about something and you were wrong?

Gee, I wonder what that could be...hiring PaoPao was a mistake???

What would this have to do with anything in this thread?

Stick to the topic in the thread and kindly stop trying to make personal attacks!

Garbage, you didn't think hiring Paopao was a mistake the day he was hired you helped the cheerleaders and the arse kissing of the genius Katz as much has anyone.

Anyone realize you can't fire an "INTERIM" coach because he is not actually the "Coach"? He's simply filling in until they get another. So forget about them "firing" won't happen, unless he screws up on his real duties as whatever, his real title is.

Woodys on a mission to blame everything on Ron,so if you dont agree with…get out of the way.

WRONG...Kindly read my first post in this thread!

Once more you are wrong! Initially I stated I was optomistic with his hiring and that he may help us land the RB ( Josh Ranek ) that we desired!

I've found no fault with Rob Katz job. He did what he was supposed to do! Sign the players recommended by the "Senior Football advisors"!

Since Game 2 this year...I've said making him the "OC" was a mistake!

Get your facts straight!

Read your posts in the "coaching staff" thread Woody.Your revisionist history is amazing..too bad its saved for accurate reporting.

I know what I's still there...I didn't get it locked...Zontar and his gang did!

With the same crap that you started in here!

I recommend anybody who is interested..go read it themselves...but really...Who cares?

What is with this ganging up on me about?

This is just one more example of why they have a name for what you guys are doing...TROLLING! :thdn: :thdn:

Once again everybodys wrong, your right. No one GANGS up on you, it's just most people dont agree with you and you cant be wrong. So with that I'm wasting my time on you....Good bye.

FACT: No one can decifer what you really think because it changes like the weather.
Fact: After the first game you thought Eakin was ready to step in and now you think he needs reps. to develop.
Fact: With Eakin proven to be a giant stiff thus far you moved onto attacking Lancaster as some kind of mastermind conspiring in every dept. of the organization.
Fact: When those don't work you bring up Paopao.
Fact: Now you're trying to run Maas out of town
Fact: You dont really know much about football other than what you read in here and what other people tell you.

All the people you want gone are either already history or will be at the end of the year so why dance on Paopao's grave and insult Lancaster's character?

I've had enough...

He should have been gone after the 1-17 season.....I guess Hamilton still remains an "old boys club", they need to shake it up!

Not exactly optimistic.

Well once again, you've proved exactly what I are a troll. At no time did I "attack" not try to put others words to my credit! Particularly when it comes to Eakin and Maas!

Sorry if you had to prove me right on this!

Glad to hear you have had enough! I know i'm tired of your BS!

i think paopao's available.