I think some people are forgetting that Ron Lacaster’s other job title is “Senior Director, Football Operations.”

And last time I checked, he oversees the entire football operation of the franchise. So, to say that he isn’t to blame because he is an “interim head coach” is a little short sighted. He has been involved in some of the worst years this franchise has ever had in terms of on-field performance.

It sort of reminds me of the Detroit Lions. Matt Millen, great relationship with the owner of the franchise, to the point of it being blind loyalty. But he is ultimately responsible for the building, drafting, coaches, and performance of the team. When the Lions play terribly like they have during his tenure with the team, whose head do they call for in Detroit?

I totally respect Ron’s experience and contributions to this franchise in the past, but there comes a time when have to do what is right for the team. And in my opinion, his time has come to an end. His philosophies as a coach and general manager are outdated. Sorry to say, but it is time to go Ron.

Maybe he's pitching in out of loyalty to the team until they get the coaching straightened out. How much of the teams failure lies at his feet is something that I wouldn't pretend to know since I'm not privy to the Ti-Cat corridors of power. I'm pretty sure, based on some of his quotes, that this isn't something he wanted or needed at this point in his life and probably will be happy to step aside when they get the right guy in place.

i was one of ronnie's worst critics when it came to a few trades, the way the davis thing was handled and sudsy being let go.
i'm just saying however you slice it the talent upgrade from last year was put in place for a team better than our record.and this thing was an unfixable mess too late for ron to take on.

we got rid of Lancaster because he was 1 and 17 why bring back someone who cannot perform. I won't be renewing my season tickets.

Why didn't you include Lancaster in that group? He was GM and Senior Director during all of this.

I don't know whether 140-130-7 (and 2 OTL) constitutes a "very unsuccessful coach".

You need to get him out of the organization as well. The players do not respect him and if you look at his past coaching performance with Edmonton and Hamilton, sub par performance.
Let's see here, his past coaching performance in Hamilton and Edmonton, is a quite respectable 134 wins, 97 losses, 7 ties and 2 Overtime losses. Over those 13 years, he made four Grey Cup appearances and won two of them. He was coach of the year twice. Post season record over that time period: 11-7. Sub-par is not the word I'd use.

As for whether the players respect him, I don't have a clue. I think it's more likely they've lost respect for each other.

Ron has made it very clear he does not want to coach. So why would you place a person in a position where he does not to be ?
When a team is struggling, I can think of no better person to call upon. Why? Well, Ron has seen it all. He has seen ups and he's seen downs. He's been around this league in one form or another for over 40 years. He remembers the lean years - but he knows what it takes to win as well.

I have the confidence that he can steer this team through the rest of this season. This season doesn't need a fresh-faced coach with new ideas. This season needs a steady hand to work on the fundamentals and to get everyone playing as a team.

The team just isn't performing - so cut the playbook in half, and come up with some simple no-nonsense plays that the team can execute with confidence. Lancaster is more than capable of doing that.

Next year, we can find the next great visionary coach. Until then, I can think of no better "interim" coach than Ron Lancaster.

I'm hoping after this year,Ron won't be around the team in any capacity..
his time has come and gone here...time to retire Ron.

Again posted the same thing last week and the thread got locked. We know your view on Ron already ok. If there was Emoticon for beating a dead would describe you pefectly.

Tigernorth…is this a problem for you???

note…I said let’s stop calling for Ron’s head!

I beleive that Taaffe will be here in Feb. with his own assistants!

I suggested that Katz move over and bring in somebody with a football background. I have never been critical of Katz, because he has done a good job of following what the scouting staff and the coaching staff have asked. (including the little General)

What dead horse??? Where is that comming from? Could it be from perhaps the sensible post by John Hayman?

no thread was locked because of anything I said!

Lancaster hired Poa Poa??? Woody your funny too :lol: How can post your views as deliver them as facts? Know wonder you have problems with some of the posters here who take you to task on your over active imagination and you so called knowledge on the inner workings of the team.

It's unfortunate that Woody wasn't around for the '97 -98/99 turnaround, he'd have a much better appreciation of what is was like to wait 13 years for a Grey Cup and just how hard it was to take the 97 team and make it a success.

Using his logic though that Marshall was Lancaster's puppet that would make Lancaster responsible for Marshall getting Coach of the year.

I don't know where you are coming from with all this...pull up all posts by myself...anything I've posted is in direct relation to any info that is readily available to all readers! As far as Lancaster is concerned...I've stated a fact...all along he has been involved with the football side of the team. some mistakes have been made...they are presently working to correct them. If you choose to argue that point...go argue with somebody else!

Where the heck is THIS coming from. Last time I looked, I was born in Jan. 1951. I grew up in a football family and I’ve got a lot more insight to what the football side of things are than most.

Don’t like my thought’s…that’s OK it’s just my opinion…I want the Ticats to succeed. What do you want?

Where is the information that Ron or anybody else forced Poa Poa on Greg? You mention this in almost every post but there is no evidence to back you up, but you deliver it as amost fact that only you are privy too. Calling for Lancasters head when there is plenty of blame to go around..well it just seems you have an axe to grind over Ron. Did he ignore you when you tried to talk to him once?

Please produce one post where I stated that! Otherwise Shut up!

Where it comes from is posts of yours stating that the first game you ever attended was in 2000.
If your suggesting that because your Dad played with the Imperials you've got some special insight into the operation of the Ticats, I'd suggest your wrong.

There 2 of them on the fourm list right now!! YOU wrote them not me. To borrow another one of your lines.. here it is ....NUFF SAID.

Sorry but your attacks are coming out of nowhere! Yes, my first trip to Ivor Wynne was in 2000. Does that mean I'd never been to Exibition Stadium, Frank Clair, Skydome!

Like I said..if you have a problem with something specific that I posted...PRODUCE IT! Otherwise, you can can kindly drop the personal attacks!

:thup: :rockin: