As much as I like what Ron Lancaster has brought to the CFL in terms of past performance, Ron is a very unsucessful coach.

You need to get him out of the organization as well. The players do not respect him and if you look at his past coaching performance with Edmonton and Hamilton, sub par performance. Ron has made it very clear he does not want to coach. So why would you place a person in a position where he does not to be ?

Get rid of the old guard and let him go and retire. We need new fresh ideas with solid past coaching performance. A true winner would fit this organization.

What “old guard”?

The only people left unfired in the organization were brought in under Young/Katz/Marshall’s watch.

You remember Marshall, dont you,? he was a coach with “new fresh ideas”

Ron's an interim coach until they find the right guy. So why call for his head when he's just doing the best he can to help the team over this rough stretch so they can find the RIGHT coach.

I doubt you know whether the players respect him or not.

How can anyone Blame ron..
They gave Ron no Control over Firing the Coaching Staff

These Firing Came from Upstairs..

Ron Lancaster has been in Hamilton since 1998
when Flutie and Dmac where traded from Edmonton. Lancaster IS the old gaurd. And your coments re Marshal; Marshal was a very poor choice for a Head Coach position. A poor communicator and he could not control his temper. Could not win the big game when needed. We would be far better off if both of these guys are gone. One down and one to go.

he's an interim and won't be coaching next year and will be shoved way back n management again.

It would be stupid to replace an interim coach before you've found the best replacement. It kind of defeats the purpose of having an 'interim' coach.

Finally some logic around here.

How about firing Rons mother then, we need heads to roll.

you can't blame ronnie for the onfield production, this was a mess way before he took over as interim.
plus, you can't really use the 1-17 season as an argument.
different situation altogether.

Agree with Ruff and Crash. Let's wait to find the best replacement possible. The new coach can then hopefully bring in his own competent assistants and then clean up this mess.

This organization needs an enema badly ... and Lancaster should be a part of it.

We need to start fresh with no residuals from the current program.

Anyone blaming Coach Lancaster for this season (or the 1-17 season for that matter) is either dumb or VERY ill-informed pertaining to football.

I totally agree with you hurry up and fire Lancaster I am Losing patients

OH...but how you refuse to acknowledge that Lancaster is the only one left of the Original bunch from when Bob Young bought the Team!Stop blaming this mess on Marshall! He was not the GM...Lancaster was! Lancaster then moved up to assist Katz. Lancaster then took over from Marshall...we got worse! How many points did we score??? Oh Yea!

Give it a rest! Lancaster had his finger in all this and now he can work his way out of it! i wish him well! by firing PaoPao he is admitting a mistaske was made in the hiring process! It was evident after game 2 and they fired the wrong guy!

Now that the first problem has been taken care of...FINALLY...lets Lancaster finish out the year without calling for his head!

They are looking for a new HC and the assistants will follow! The players and Lancaster now have the opportunity to show what they can do without the influence of PaoPao!

I hope the team rallys around each other and pulls off a couple of wins at the expense of the Argos!

Get Goss back with the team...

Get Joe montford back with the team...

Get D'Mac back to mentor Eakin and Williams...

If Maas can't PERFORM...TRADE HIM!

totally agree with you hurry up and fire Lancaster I am Losing patients
Not only do you know nothing about're bad doctor.

Not only do you know nothing about football...youHendy

Hilarious. I wasn't sure of the protocol of mockery so I thought I would have to keep that one to myself.

That "bad doctor" post was against protocol but I might have said something similar

if I knew that the poster was someone
whose opinions irritate me a great deal.

Welcome to the site, Greg Jordan

I gave you a mulligan on that one. :stuck_out_tongue:

What self respecting coach would accept this position for the remaining 7 games of the season, knowing he will quite likely be removed as part of next years direction? Ronnie has got to have a big head, for he's got so many hats to wear.

Better watch it guys.. KW is running around locking threads that people don't agree on...

opression BITES!!