You finally sold 50 000 tickets!! What a joke!!!

Wow!!! The bandwagon jumpin' BC Lions fans are on the bandwagon!!! Where are you for the other 10 games??? I always like a stadium that has to cover up seats with logos so the stadium will not look empty!!! 15000 of the seats will be Rider fans...
34-21 Riders
You heard it here first..
and Dickenson, we REALLY hope you play- especially Fred Perry

get lost

Nice response? Nothing to say???
A city of over a million can't get more that 30000 into thje stadium.. Get lost?? I will. In Cavernous BC Place. Oh yeah, didn't the city want to knock 'er down not too long ago.

we’ll knock the riders down in a few days!!!

Excuse me Bradamy... how many playoff games have the rider hosted over the past 18 year???

Thanks for the extra 15000 sales to line Mr. Braley's pockets, ucker! Where do you think Lion's fans were? Waiting for you guys to pay our club's paycheques!

Fell for the ol' "get your ticket while it's hot!" routine, just like the folks next door at OrCanucks rink...

Attack of the long shoe. Hey Knob, go read the other threads about why BC gets in the 30,000s. Sorry you have nothing to do in your neck of the woods besides troll, hate, cry and be ignorant. Van city has less than a million by itself. dolt.

You will also be lucky to get 5000 rider fans, sorry ive been there and seen that. I really love the riders fanatics that think they are always the biggest presence in every stadium. bugger off

Oh, and what was you prediction for last years game genius?

Umm... there has been vast improvement in this franchise, before they opened any section of the upper bowl once 29,000 seats were sold it was sold out, now they have a few sections open in the upper bowl, once they sell those its sold out, leaving a lot of people not able to come. Saskatchewan didn't have anything to lose the fans would always come no mattter how poor their team was or the league, and is it because they're the greatest fans? Or is it cuz there's jack squat to do in Saskatchewan? Its the latter.

Actually Saskatchewan has two cities that up to a million not very far from each other and they've never had 50,000. The league was dead you idiot, the league was horribly managed and needed a change, and thats what happened. BC place went from 20,000 to 30,000 in 4 seasons, even with the demise of the Ottawa franchise. Our average is still higher than Rough Riders stadium could hold, and when BC place was built i think Vancouver was barely over a million and how much did they have per game throughout the 80's, over 40,000, and a lot of sold out 60,000 regular season games, something saskatchewan hicks could never do you dum riders fans, if you guys had anything else to do in your town, or even another sports team you'd get way less Riders "fans".

Now take me for example i've watched and been a big BC Lions fan my whole life, and i drove to the 2000 grey cup when the Lions were in the lowest fan drawing part of their career. I've been to 2 or 3 regular season games a season at least, and then the west final for 2004,and 2006. Not to mention i've been goin since i was a kid and i bet you i'm twice the fan and riders fan is, and i'm twice as loud, i had riders fans telling me to be quiet in my own stadium earlier this year, just wait, just wait Riders fans, wait till you hear what real crowd noise, not that joke of a playoff game in saskatchewan with only 28,800 in attendance, can't afford to put up extra stands?

Let's just let the team do the talking with their play on the field on Sunday :wink: There's no need to come into the Lions forum to start stuff.

The tractor fumes are getting to your head bro, you can't even smell the dynasty that is happening right under your nose. This game won't even be close, just like last year.

Uh Brad. Or is it Amy?

I was there last year. Guess what??....YOU LOST!!!!

We could have 8 people in the stands (and two on the field) and we'd still beat you. And guess what else?...YOU LIVE IN SASKATCHEWAN.

I'm quite sure you've run away now, because that would be typical.

Spew your crap and then hide.

The real fans (Lion's fans) stick around for the long haul.

Tell you what, I'll come and visit you in YOUR forum after the game, o.k.?

Chickensh*t piece of crap.

I love how ALL rider fans think they are the greatest fans in the league. Your stadium doesn't even hold as many fans as we average for any given game. And if it did and you could actually sell more tickets then us WHO CARES? they would just show up to watch the Riders come in second, third or even fourth place every year. And to make it even worse, they would have to sit in a cold, windy rain storm. Don't you Rider fans have anything better to do then come in our Lions forums and trash the greatest team in the CFL? Maybe you should be trying to help your team find a way to play through all the noise us Lions fans will be making on Sunday, so they can actually make a decent game out of it this year.

In related news, i just read an article in the Toronto Sun, they've hit 30,000 for the east final on sunday, they might out do us for our grey cup and west final being in the same year, we had 36,000 i believe in 2005 for the west final.

But weird thing i might have to ask the argo's fans, they said skydome only holds 44,700 for Sundays game. They must have some kind of configuration out there that i'm not aware of.

grey cup in toronto is never pretty attendance wise, has one ever sold out there???

Last I read, only about 100 tickets left to sell for the Grey Cup in Toronto

I have got some news for you people. First, that joke of a playoff game was the loudest I have experienced in any stadium in the CFL. We do have Rider pride. The strongest pride for a team that exhists. Take a tour through downtown Vancouver. Look for ANY SIGN that the BC LIONS even exhist. Now, walk down the street in Regina, Moose Jaw, or any other place in Sask. You see green everywhere. You see, we take it to heart. We are a small market, sure, and to any of the real, deep-down Lions fans out there (My mom is from Vancouver and still talks about Empire Stadium), you know what I mean. You hurt when they lose and LOVE when they win. So, before you attack me on population numbers, or call me a troll, remember this: When your BC Lions needed to bailed out TWICE, who helped out? The Argos? TiCats? No, the Riders
I do believe that you have a great team, but when I see the stands half full, I wonder if there is any room for the Lions in BC. I hope the place is packed, and that the game is the best ever. Many fans deserve it. Good Luck and God bless.

I have some news for you, bradamy...get the hell off team forums for your nonsense. Do that in your own forum, or on the main forum. You post in the Lions forum again, and it's toasted, got it?

...most of the rest of you handled this doofus quite well...too bad deb had to resort to insults, though...