You don't need an elite QB, just a good O-line and a break-away RB

The Arblows won another with a rookie QB and a good O-line and Wilder.
(remember Bomben)

You don’t need a good O-line or break away RB with a good Quarterback either!

A lot of people on this site a couple weeks ago were feeling sorry for the Argos because they felt they were a really bad football team and their attendance was so horrible. Well they are now tied with us. :-[ What does that tell you? My guess is we are just as bad if not worse with better attendance. ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: :-[

You do if you don’t have an elite QB.

BC blew it with a late fumble, gifting Toronto the win.

The Argos do look improved, but are still beatable, IMO.

The Ticats do need to string some wins together, however. It’s now clear that we will be competing with Toronto for the last playoff spot in the East (Ottawa won’t be caught for 1st, and there will be a West crossover team).

And as mentioned in one of the other threads, the Cats could miss the play-offs altogether.

And, if the season ended today, they'd win the 2nd place tie-breaker with their better record against Eastern teams. Maybe that reality will help light a fire down at THF.

Looking ahead, before the back-to-back HAM-TOR games that kick off September, they play MTL, while we get EDM. ::slight_smile:

What do you do when you have neither?

Old enough to remember when needing good coaching was a thing. The Losing Tommy Condel Crisis was huge in those days.

Kiss your butt goodbye.

I wouldn’t be so sure about West crossover. If Stamps beat Sask tonight, neither Sask nor BC will be in a crossover position. Obviously there is still more than half a season to go, but it’s well within the realm of possibility that the last two western teams do not have a better record than the third-place team in the East.

There is the thing. Toronto is a bad team that seemingly gets breaks when they need them where The Cats are a bad team that never get breaks. No gifted wins for our team ever.

You worry, knowing your GM is flammable Reed…

So you are saying the Argos didn’t win the game, BC lost it?? A very different and wrong perspective.

I can assure you that there will be a West crossover. No doubt even with half season to go.