You don't need a QB!

Rather, what you need is a decent offensive line. That defense was all over Calvillo like fat kids on a cupcake. But you know what's even more telling than that? For two games now, I've seen Calvillo walking around after being sacked, with his shoulder pad flapping outside of his jersey - and no one bothering to help him put it back. Now, you may say this is a small thing, but I would suggest that having your QB's shoulder pad flapping outside his jersey is an embarrasment to the O-line, whose job it is to protect him. The fact that no one seems to care much suggests they either have a pretty low morale, or a pretty lazy work ethic. don't need a QB. You need an O-line.

Unfortunately, for us Ottawa fans, we need a QB, and O-line, a back field, a secondary, a D-line, etc..etc... hell, we need a whole bloody team!


I agree. Too many sacks in the first two games. Plus the Offensive Coordinator isn't anything to write home about. Just ask the Rider fans.

Right on Ravenwood...I agree 100%