You deserve better, Argo fans!

Having gone through the ineptness of poor decisions, by the people in charge, my heart goes out to all Argo fans. The torture you were subjected to was unfair! Here's hoping some good football people will be hired to right the "Good ship Argo" in 2009.

Offensively they looked really good this game though, in spite of that ridiculous decision with a minute to go in a tie game. Actually they've looked pretty good on that side of the ball for the past 2 or 3 games, if they could actually get a defense again they should be a decent team.

If last couple of games are a indication of how the argos will play in 2009 then they will be a force in the cfl again.Good luck argos in 2009

I called that fake punt.
I knew it was going to happen.
I yelled at the TV.
I said fake! Fake! One of those guys back there is going to get the snap.
It would have been a good time for a fake if it was executed properly.

Would have been better if they had told the guy who was going to get the ball, though!

I completely agre Argo fans deserve better!

Both of them.

My hope is that once Ottawa is back in the fold that at least one Ontario team might be able to make the playoffs! :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that the Argos are out of their misery, really hope the Riders (go Bishop) go all the way!!

I like Bish but the Riders are doomed if they think he can be the starter and finish the job to win a GC. Just my biased opinion of course. :twisted:

What the Ontario have nots (Argos and Ticats) need right now is an equalization tranfer from those rich oil barons in the form of Hank and Ricky. :lol:

What about the Ticats? We deserved a lot better. More than the Argos. The Argos have been a strong team for the past 8 years! It's time that they feel what it's like to struggle because everyone in the past that they touch have turned to gold.

Good luck building on your young talent.....................oh wait. They have none to build off of except Cat rejects Mays, Glasper, Woodard and Belli.