You could never replace...Ivor Wynne

I have read several threads over the past several years, in regards to some folks wanting to see a new stadium for the Cats.
This is one fan that strongly disagrees.
Ivor Wynne...put quite simply, is as much about the Ti-Cats, as let's say, mom and apple pie.
I've had the opportunity to sit in almost every other stadium in the CFL, and not one has the sightlines, or the proximity to the field, as old Ivor Wynne. The seating being so close to the field, regarding the sidelines, is most times like the 13th man against the teams having to play against the Cats.
Not to mention...all the history, that will always that very special place.
Spend the money to improve the seats and the benches...sure. Knock it down, I hope that never happens. :thdn:


first off there are way to may threads on this topic so why did u start a new one? second thats just stupid to keep putting money into an old run down stadium and never plan for the future. Do u want them to never get a new one or just not untill you die or can no longer go to the games.

what he said. :thup:

why not just rebuild the stadium exactly as is, if it is so good???

I love Ivor Wynne also.

Absolutely the best sight lines in the C.F.L and when sold out an atmosphere second to none. I say keep the stadium,if we can. If it costs less to repair than building a new one. Down the line, if they feel the structure is not sound anymore.

As Footbalyoubet states why not build a replica with a few tweaks here and there.

I would love a new stadium. IWS has fond memories for me for sure, but, nothing lasts forever and I don't my tax dollars constatly repairing it.

Same reason why I by new cars every five years. I loved them while I've had them, but, don't want to spend all my money repairing them.

I would love a new stadium. Now we just need someone that wants to build one.

And before anyone gets on here about raising taxes to pay for one, I wouldn't mind at least getting something I want out of tax dollars i'm paying.

what, you dont like million dollar stripes????

I believe that a 35,000-40,000 seat stadium could be built that could be a reasonable facsimile of the current IWS, including modular seating near field level that would allow the stadium to accomodate track events as well as being football-friendly re sight lines. It is not necessary to completely obliterate the idea of having a CFL-ready 21st century stadium that maintains some of the advantages Old Civic has re the fan experience with arguably the best sightlines of any professional sport-utilized stadia in North America.

The addition of end zone seating and luxury boxes in a new stadium would ensure that the Cats would have sufficient gate revenue (including Grey Cup monies from hosted games) to improve the franchise's prospects for years to come. The current IWS configuration simply doesn't lend itself to that.

Oski Wee Wee,

I love IWS to death, but, sadly, all good things come to an end.

Ugh, I love Ivor Wynne too, but c'mon now this stadium is what 77 years old...its like keeping a shirt because its comfy..despite the rips, the fabric wearing away..and it become almost unwearable.

Ivor Wynne just like old yeller needs to be put out to pasture...

It is an old out of date stadium..that is only suitable for football and that is a mistake for grow up in your house..but eventually you move on..its time to move out of Ivor Wynne..


Retro-fit Brian Timmis Stadium for one year's worth of Ticat games......25,000 in temporary seating (bleacher style)......

Now you end up with almost 19 complete months of re-construction of Ivor Wynne to bring it up to what is needed going forward......19 Months!......that's a lot of time to get the job done right guys!

All we as fans have to do is put on a brave face and go 10-11 games out of our "comfort zone" biggie!!....we're tough buggers! :cowboy:

I love the location of Ivor Wynne more than the stadium itself......inner city kids need that place for High School football .....and don't forget about all the kid's soccer that's played there almost daily.

Move Ivor Wynne out to the "burbs" and all the city kids lose......huge!!...and half of them won't even be able to go to Ticats games anymore :cry:

Balsam and Cannon is Hamilton's "rally point"....don't let it go!

PS....And to clarify for those who don't know me.....I live near the Hamilton Airport so I am not making this plea for personal reasons.........I just have a soft-spot for the hardships that inner-city kids face. They need great places like Ivor Wynne that they can rely on to always be there for them.

I grew up when the neighborhood round civic was honest working class..
immigrants from italy and eastern europe and stelco had 15,000 workers...(i think it might have 2,000 now) I worshipped ciookie gilchrist and gerry mcdougall and loved the smell of new football cards.... yes the gum bud not the cardboard...players like johnny bright, norm fieldgate and my personal favouriute sonny homer... didt know a thing about him... just that he looked kind of neat in his running pose
we played tackle football on cement in the st annes schoolyard... pete della riva was 6 ft tall then and he was only 14 a fresh faced kid out of italy but boy could he straight arm; johnny manel was an altar boy at st stans --- one day he would be a home brew QB, i was taught by frank cosentino at cathedral.. relgion and health as well as history.. and black and gold runs in my veins.

so whats this got to do with the stadium and its location...just this it is part of the history and fabric of the is its location
build it on the east mountain and you might get fancy digs with half million dollar toronto wannabe houses.
over on the west side of the harbour - and the passing sailboats might give it ambience?

but smack dab in the working class heart of hamilton at balsam and cannon

and the ghosts of all those great ticat teams will be smiling.

the kids peaking through the cracks in the fencing may be sitting in the $$$ seating at never wynne now... but look around the place and tell me it isnt something more than concrete and steel... its who we are.

and that my buckos is situated there among the most loyal fans in football

move it anywhere else and it will be just another football stadium..

spruce it up right were it is... (or perhaps cross the street in scott park)and you keep the heart of tiger town
the heart of tiger town.
leave its location alone.



Thats one of the best posts, Ive read on the forum!!

The ticats are so enriched with tradition and Ivor Wynne being such a big part of that.It would be a shame to move the location. Were a working man`s team and our stadium is right smack dab in the middle of that. I would really love ( as Mb03 says) to reconstruct. It has to be less money than building a new one. Maybe putting in nicer seats? and new end zone seats on the opposite end. Which would put the stadium at a capacity of 33 or 34 000.

I second that!.........Smokeystover's post says it all...not only for the Ticats...but for the whole City of Hamilton........that's what it's all about!!.....I'm so glad the players read these forums and see this stuff!

What a treat to hear from smokeystover1 again!
And he's so right. I, too, grew up in that area at the same time. It was pure workingclass territory, the heart and soul of the city. I went to Prince of Wales, but as he says the strength of the area was on Barton street, Ste, Anne's, St Stanislaus for the Poles, and the Italians at St. Anthony's.

And Scott Park and Civic Stadium were at the center of everything.

Civic Stadium, Municipal Pool, Baseball Stadium, the lacrosse facility, and four or five softball diamonds. In the winter, the city laid out four hockey pads and a huge public skating area, which the Fire Dept flooded daily.

Sadly, we had to go out to Longwood Road for tobogganing, but everything else was right there.
Putting it anywhere else might create an attraction, but it wouldn't create a community in the way Scott Park did.

Absolutely great read Smokey. I didn't grow up in Hamilton, have lived here only since 1986. And reading Smokey's post really makes me proud to call Hamilton home, this is a great city and one that is so much better than London, Ont where I grew up in, in so many ways.

Ok, niceties aside, Smokey's post points to the dilemma that now confronts Hamilton in so many respects. The history and tradition and values of the people that were born and raised here who are proud of their city I think, from what I've seen and read here, are second to none. That being said, I also believe that all Hamiltonian's need to look in the crystal glass and ask themselves what is it that will take to make this city great again, knowing that the steel mills and ancillary businesses associated with it are not as important now and probably won't be ever again. Think about it, the Bills want into this area, lucrative area, because there is money here especially just down the road in Toronto. My question is: how can Hamilton capitalize on this and make this area, which is gorgeous in many respects with the escarpment and waterfront, something which is richer in many respects to a vast variety of people, encourage them to live here, retire here etc? I'm not saying don't rebuild IWS at it's current location, not at all. But simply to think of all the alternatives and the broader picture here which is far greater than the working class and steel mills etc., as important as they have been and still are.

It's a different time and different era, a real new age era of information explosion and greener lifestyles and many people will be retiring, some with a fair amount of money. This is Canada's most populated region. What are all the alternatives and what is best knowing that the older steel mill days of yesterday, while not gone, are far less important now and will continue in the future as Hamilton transforms to a knowledge-based community and area where people could come and live and retire in for the sheer beauty of what is and could be more and more and more. There is a reason why Hamilton is investing in trails and bike paths and this is in the papers continuosly, a reason for sure! Let's take advantage of this and run with it.

Very well said Earl. Terrific perspective!

Thanks Captain, nothing that hasn't been said already though.

I hope when the time comes for further discussion about IWS that there will be some open forums for people to attend and voice their opinions.
It's strange, coming from London decisions were easier I think ie. London had a junior B style hockey arena in crappy mall outside the city for the Knights to play in. Easy decision to do what they did and build a nice 9000 seater downtown for them. And without a CFL team and with London getting the Canada Games, it was easy to replace Western's stadium with another oncampus. But here in Hamilton with IWS, the decision is more complicated for a number of reasons and I just hope that the people who really care about this city and area, from all walks, get to be heard in some public discussions. I have to admit I'm a bit afraid of the Bills thing. Maybe a major retrofit of IWS or new stadium in a different location will be enough to keep the Cats healthy (apart from continuing with excellent ownership and some wins of course) and really keep the CFL strong here in southern Ontario and the Argos going despite the Bills or other NFL team there. I hope so anyways.

If the MTL Forum, ML Gardens and soon to be Yankee stadium can all be left in the past ceratinly IWS isnt immune to changing times.

All the schmaltzy sentiment doesnt change the fact is the stadium's location isnt conducive to a refurb.

The team and city have outgrown IWS and need a new facility with better access, significant parking and modern facilities.

A stadium would signify success and progress for the city and team .To ignore it is to be small minded.
Nobody appreciates IWS more than I but sentiment doesnt change reality.

Any new stadium will be downtown.Land prices on the mountain would be astronomical in comparison and gov't funds would no doubt be tied to urban renewal etc.

Smokeystover1...that was a great read. Awesome post. That really shows what it means to be a Tiger-Cat's far more than what goes on between the goalposts.