You can't help but love 'em sometimes!

Yep, we all know Edmonton has several injured players, especially in the receiving department but we saw more sacks tonight than on a spud farm! Congrats Leos for raising your game. I don't know what happened to the Eskies O-Line but whatever changes you've made stay with 'em.

The Lions Arland Bruce was fabulous tonight and must have had Krazy Glue on his mits. Awesome! Just awesome. I don't recall him dropping anything. This now makes Simon a double threat. Can you imagine if both of these guys played on the same side of the field. It could give the opposition fits.

Lulay bounced back from adversity last week and racked up hundreds of passings yards this game. Simon is that much closer to being in a league of his own and has moved into 3rd spot all time.

Robertson made gains when he needed to. When the camera panned the Eskies' bench there was obvious concern on the faces of the players and coaches.

Was Edmonton that bad tonight given their injuries? Or were the Lions playing that much better? I think it was the latter. Penalties were kept to a minimum, sacks were a plenty and Lulay's passing was razor sharp. I don't see a whole lot of injuries on the Eskies O-Line and yet their QB was being nailed consistently. Edmonton played tonight like the Lions have in the past. When one wheel falls off, the rest seem to follow.

Lulay mixed up his plays, the secondary coverage was great. The guys were having fun. And that is the way football should be!

Given what happened to some of the coaches in Saskatchewan I've no doubt the thought has crossed the minds of a few coaches in the Lions den and they are now breathing a little sigh of relief.

Edmonton has now lost 3 straight despite coming out of the gate at 5-0. I'm sure they're very thankful they stored up 5 straight wins for times like these. The fact remains, they've lost 3 in a row and not everyone is injured on the team. Football is about adapting and adjusting- especially when there are injuries. It's quite conceivable Edmonton could drop a 4th straight game no matter who they play. It is quite possible the Lions will knock off Toronto in a few weeks if they play the way they did tonight.

Well done Lions! Congratulations.

That was fewest point scored in Commonwealth history for Esks. You can tell your kids you witnessed history

One of only two games I enjoted watching this year.

Keep it rolling boys!

Glad I was able to watch the whole thing. I've been telling myself not to lose hope yet, especially after what happened last year after the first half of the season. Looks like we might be in for a similar finish if they can keep up this momentum. Not banking on anything yet but this is certainly promising.

Of our remaining 10 games, 6 of them are against Toronto/Sask/Edmonton. Though Toronto, like BC, looks better than a 2-6 team. 2 games against Calgary and 1 game in Hamilton will be really tough. Final week is at home vs Montreal. With any luck the East conference at that point will be decided and the Als won't be playing Calvillo or some of their key starters.

we’ll pound it out of calvillo - no problem.