You can thank Hugh Campbell that Gass didn't get suspended..

Which he should have.

inconsistency in dealing out discipline.

Gass get's a fine for kicking a player


Jurineak gets 1 game for Hitting the QB.

:roll: ya.. CFL

Jurineack's suspension was overturned. He was fined. Quit trolling.

Gass should have been suspended.. no question about it, but Campbell said no, so the CFL listened


Yes tell us the source of this knowledge


....there is nothing to back up your ridiculous claim troll......

Interesting…very interesting…she asks for a source to the Campbell “information”, and he provides a link in which Campbell’s name is never even mentioned…

It’s a shame what passes as “research” these days…

CFL got it wrong Gass should be out for 1 game + the fine.

Not to worry, Turkeybend has a reliable source that Tie Domi is comming this Friday to avenge the kick and even the score with Gass.

I trust Turkey and his source 100%! :wink:

:lol: Tie Domi. That's hilarious. Domi's track-record in his respective sport of hockey is 100 times worse than Gass could ever be. I'm sure Domi would give Gass a pat on the back before he'd ever avenge anything.

Turkey also pm'd me that Tie was bringing the Hanson Brothers with him! :wink:

Gass better watch out! :wink: