You can tell Hockey is back sigh

CKAC or whatever they are now 95.6 FM hasn’t updated their website since 23rd. of September, no audio, nothing.
TSN Radio… nothing in two weeks, pretty much. Sad bunch…

Oui, mais en même temps, c'est aussi à nous de parler du football canadien et d'en exiger de nos média.

Nous sommes au Canada. On ne pourra faire enlever le hockey des ondes. Mais la pratique du football est en croissance au pays et à force de parler de notre football, il y aura plus de gens pour s'y intéresser. Je remarque le phénomène autour de moi et je ne dois pas être le seul.

CKAC... Check out their football page, hundred NFL articles... and one press release about Calvillo. That is the Als official radio broadcaster ! Not sure what kind of deal Lalonde made with them but it was a huge error if they aren't going to cover and promote the team...

It's true
I'd been going to CKAC since spring training to check out Bruno Heppel and gang and their weekly Alouettes reports
Nothing for quite a while now

It's been very discouraging

Let's hope Lalonde can get it straightened out. We are in the most exciting part of the CFL season and our team deserves all the attention it can get. For the first time in years, we have a real dogfight going on for first place in the east.