You can return missed field goals in the NFL

I never realized that you can return missed field goals in the NFL, saw this happen a couple times on the weekend on the highlight reels. I never knew this was possible actually.

I think at least 3 have returned for TDs in the past few years.
If the kick stays in play, there's nothing stopping them from returning it.

The one in the Bears game allowed Chicago to win without an offensive TD. He faked the opposition out by looking to concede, then bolted for the sideline and down field. Great play.

Yea, thought I was watching the CFL for a moment when I saw this billy.

Funny thing, it was almost a year to the day that the Bears returned another missed field goal for a TD. It was the game last year where there was such a strong crosswind in Chicago that kicks were being blow sideways by about 30 yards.

the guy that returned it on sunday was devin hester, and nathan vasher returned it 108 yards vs. the 49ers.

Im supprised you never realised it. As long as the kick is short(doesnt go out)

Devin Hester already has 3 returns for td's this season. To put that in perspective that is one more return for a td than the CFL had total the whole regular season. He's explosive every time he touches the ball.

Thats only because he does not have to run as far!! :lol: