You can now buy single tickets for Cats opener at BMO

The Argos have started a single game presale - before the June 1st official start of single game sales. You just have to enter the offer code FOLEY95 on the Ticketmaster site to unlock the seat map and allow you to purchase tickets to any Argos game there.

So if we want to pack BMO with Cats fans for the June 23 opener - go to Ticketmaster - use the offer code FOLEY95 and start buying.

We can make BMO a "home" field for the Cats, like we have famously done with the Skydump.

This is good in three different ways. One: our team is being cheered and not jeered. Two: although the blew team profits from our ticket purchases, it makes another CFL team a little better off financially - which is good for the league and the Ticats as well. Three: maybe it will rekindle a rivalry that unfortunately seems to be not so strong in Hog Town any more.

Buy until it hurts.

:rockin: :rockin:

There are thousands of seats still available for the Argos June 23rd opener at BMO. They haven't even opened the top 12-14 rows on the Upper east side for sale yet (about 2,900 seats)by the looks of it on Ticketmaster.

Come on Cats fans - let's pack the place.

(And take GO Transit to the game. There is a concert at Molson Amphitheatre at the same time so parking may be tight and the Gardiner is down to two lanes at Jameson Avenue so traffic backs up on the Gardiner going into Toronto almost back to the Humber on some evenings these days).

Are you saying all of them "greyed out" seats on the upper deck are not sold?
I got mine on the upper deck east side section 205 row 13

Yes that is what I am saying. There are 34 rows in the Upper East side and the top 12 - 14 rows have not been opened up for sale between the goal lines yet for any regular season game. TFC do that too until the rest of the stadium is almost clompletely sold out before they release those for sale.

Just checked, its forcing me to buy seats they select, instead of me being able to buy on map. I like sitting in the upper sections.
Where is everyone sitting, is there a main section so we are all grouped together?

Ok, just needed a reboot, able to pick seats now, just need to know if there is a certain section everyone is getting??

Looks like the exception is either end of the East side upper deck, they are the only $20 seats in the stadium and not too many of them but still available now, seats behind the end zone are $30

Ok, I'm in section 205, I will be the only TiCat fan going to the game with an Arblow fan lol.....sorry gang, he is an old army buddy and he is not to smart lmao

Far beyond the Humber on most days with events going on. I commute from the top of the Red Hill to the Lakeshore exit daily. On my way home, traffic is just as bad going in as it is going out, sometimes even back to Kipling.

stuck on afternoon shift blah.. unless I come down with the flu?!

why is there still seats left? I thought the Arhols were doing well in the ticket department.

I think you meant, "too smart" :cowboy: