You can meet SASKARGO!!!!

Hello western fans.
This is for you.
I'm going to be in every stadium in the west this year.Everytime the Argos play your team.I will be there.
I know you would rather see me than those 2 guys from Montreal last year.LOL
Anyways.I will be wearing my new Argo Jersey.It will have 27 and SASKARGO on the back.
You will be suprised.I am one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

If you want to be really daring, you should wear that jersey into Tiger Town for an Argo game.


I was trying to remember some other "great" Argos who wore #27. Marv Luster and possibly Paul Bennett are the only two that come to mind right now.

unfortunately Saskie, I will be lying on a beach in greece at the time when TO comes to Regina. I'll have to take a rain check. would be a pleasure (seriously)........Saturday, September 23rd, it's a date sweety.........Yeast#5 and Statik76 are also McMahon ST holders, anyone else for this night of festivities?......

It will be great.
People who take this site seriously don't bother showing up.
Redandwhite,I look forward to it!!!

we'll be the only Bomber fans sitting around 25-30 rows up in section 'O' ... all season long ...


I'm game, providing no unforeseen circumstances arise. July 22nd at Taylor Field.

......I'll be wearing my red cape and sumo-suit.......

I'll be in section A row 2 at the Bombers games

....she said WESTERN fans.........

R&W last time i looked she said she was visiting EVERY stadium, so unless Winnipeg has folded she will be there..... and as far as im concerned Winnipeg is still in WESTERN Canada......

Sounds like she said every WESTERN stadium to me.....Winnipeg might be in Western Canada, but it isn't in the Western Division this year!

.......didn't see that one coming sista, thanks for getting my back......

Here it is.
OOOps sorry.Here it is.
I will be going to see all WESTERN TEAMS.
However I will be in Winnipeg for Argos Grey cup!!!

When is that?? 2030?

Billy just because your team wins the cup on an average of every 50 years.
I'm use to seeing the cup every 2 to 5 years.
Sucks to be you!!!!

The people in Toronto see the cup you dont!

Wish you come down to Atlanta.

I'll see you in 2010, eh? Saskargo? :wink:

well Saskargo , judging from some of your posts the last week or so, I would definitely be suprised to find out you are one of the nicest people one would ever meet.... even if you do say so yourself.

well Sambo after judging from your 2 posts ever on this site.Who really cares what you think!!!!