You can hear a pin drop

Seems to me to be very silent around these parts..
Looks good on you girls.
Hopefuly we wont hear from you again.
(till next year)
Get those Curling brooms ready.
Stamp 78

lol, well im not giving up yet, you still have to beat us again

Twice in a row won't happen, I hope!!

.....the second go round will definately be tougher than the first for my club to win.......Mobley has already said he expects to pressure Burris more and the EEs will probably try to use Davis more than they did in round 1.......he was fairly effective....

wow you guys won the grey cup yesterday, the crygary grey cup that is. be sure to post here next week when you lose. or lose, you can't disappear, if the EEs beat the stamps I'll be one of the first to congratulate them and their fans on it.........

typical Edm. fan....lives in the past.
how BOLD!

past? huh? i am looking to the future, next weekend when the esks demolish the crygary slumpeders,lololol no playoffs for 4 years wonder you all are excited.
p.s. act like you've been there before.