You can finally play a Canadian football video game — just without any CFL teams

From today's National Post.....

No Tiger cats....instead the "Stingers"....

"Stingers" or "Stinkers" ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Now you're being mean!!

“Canadian Football ’17 is not licensed — there’s no league licence, there’s no Players Association licence. The Players Association never even returned our call,?

Great move again, PA. Its wonder that even with great thinking like that, you weren't able to secure a better deal for your constituents during the last round of CBA negotiations.
:frowning: ::slight_smile: :cry:

The league and player's association should look at this as a good marketing opportunity, not source of revenue. Does anybody else, like EA, have rights for CFL and they can't be bothered to put outproduct?