You be the reff

This one is hard to decide. It took me long enough to just find the ball! I am assuming that the ball is in the red square, then again it could be someone's elbow. I would have to say no TD because I am not convinved of where the ball is!

No doubt it was a difficult judgement call for the refs, that only get to see the play once, in real time. With all those bodies in the way, I doubt that a video challenge would have changed anything, either. No conclusive evidence there!

Agree ro1313, to hard to see anything.

If you keep this up, George Black might hire you for replay!

Great shot!

But isn't that Edwards beside Kidd? and if so, it can't be the ball in the square.

Its a number beginning with 60.

I'm looking for Edwards in the Mish mash of players.

No Edwards is definitely above Banks I had to frame by frame to follow him and I could see the ED... on the jersey a few frames before.

No way the refs could over turn that call if we cant tell where the ball is

OK, well, if that is Edwards, the ball is at his neck...I can't see him holding it that high.

I agree ro, indisputable evidence....And I don't see it.

i dont know what im lookin at here...a ball or an elbow?

That's pretty much the point.
If the object in the square is the ball then it is to close to call. If that is no the ball then no TD for sure.

If Edwards was cradling the ball on his chest the impact with the D-line could drive the ball and his arms up that high.

I think that is an arm , no white stripe on it . Also if that is the ball , then it looks like a BC player's got his hands on it. Is this the play proir to the fumble or is this the fumble play?

Great shots. That looks like an elbow to me (too small for a ball and no white strips as pennw said. I think the refs made the right call and did a great job considering they only had a glimpse of everything flying by in real-time.

Great shot. But we're looking at an elbow.

Nice work Ro ... and I have to agree with everyone, you can't call that a TD. Not enough evidence.

(as an aside, I think the overturn-rule should be changed from "indisputable evidence" to "beyond a reasonable doubt".)

I looks too "pointed" to be the ball, and if that much of the ball was visible, we would see some of the white stripe imo.

Maybe they need to put a micro chip in each end of the ball - if it crosses the line, it would be pickup up by sensors located at either end ot the end zone line - sounds crazy and maybe it is taking the human element out of the game, but it would certainly resolve the issue with finality.


They could implant that micro chip when they sew the white stripes on the ball! :wink: :wink: :wink:

I would be hard to put a sensor that would not be blocked out by the players and would only be regestered alone a perfectly straight line!

Also, but not really a problem would be a pass attempt the sensor would regester even if it was not caught

A sensor based on radio signals wouldn't care how many bodies were in the way. As far as passes are concerned, if the sensors only work within 5' of the ground, most passes will not register, and for the few that do, the refs will know it was an incomplete pass, and ignore the signal.