You be the ref!

Was it a TD?

damn....this video doesnt have the camera angle that i was hoping for....oh well

Which one was that?

i dunno the camera number..haha ( camera number 3? )

I mean was it from the end zone the side line the good year blimp?
I'll see if there is another angle I missed

It’s a tough call, but I think the one guy at halftime brought up an interesting point when he said, does the person have to stand up and physically show it to the ref.

Again really a tough call. The play should probably stand as called.

just look at the 35 sec mark, and u can see the ball loose in his arms and kinda looks like it touches the sure TV showed a better and closer angle.

I have 2 more angles comming up.
Im getting the replay from TV :lol:

How do you get these things so fast?

i know u are...just seems u may have missed the best angle of the bunch.

Ro works for the official league replay booth, dont'cha know

I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you! :lol:

Its all due to an argument DG and I had about a pass interference call during the 2005 Eastern final.

Since then I PVR all the games. From there I record it to my dvd recorder.(not my burner) I then pop the DVD into my computer, rip the clip and convert it to an AVI. I then upload the clip to photobucket and post the link.

The reason they changed the rule to the receiver having to have possession to the end of the play, is so you don't have to make judgement calls on plays just like this one. The rule is black and white, which takes the judgement angle out of the equation.

Here ya go!

1st replay video....37 sec mark...

acree breaks his fall with his elbow, while the ball seems to touch turf....and he NEVER has good control of the ball the whole way down to the ground anyways ( ball in his arms moving, not in his hands )....then the ball pops out as a result of not having control of the ball.

Forget I asked then. :lol:

That's actually a really good idea. :slight_smile:

That was a touchdown… what happened to the good ole days of you catch the ball… 1,2,3…the ground cannot cause a fumble…POSSESSION… TOUCHDOWN SMOES!!!

It was a TD as far as I’m concerned. It seems the last few years the rules committee have made a dumb rule every year. This is another one that will have to be changed. The league is suppose to want more offense.

Maybe the CFL was afraid it was becoming too high scoring, and they needed to reduce the number of TD's? lol. I think the refs ruled correctly, according to the letter of the law. I just hate the rule. This is football. If you catch the ball in the air in the endzone, still have the ball after hitting the ground, still have the ball after 2 defenders jump on your back, and start punching at the ball, still have the ball after rolling over in the endzone, 180 degrees, and start to sit up, and then have the ball ripped out, and it is no TD... that doesn't seem like football to me.

I guess the message to defenders is to continue to punch at and rip at the ball from the reciever, after the tackle is done, until he's handed it to the official.

Oh well. At least the right team won. :lol: :lol: