You be the ref!!!!

Here is a clip of the Cal Tor complete/incomplete pass.

I say it was complete, no question

[url=] ... S_05_1.flv[/url]

no catch ball was moving in his arms when he hit the ground.

The ball was moving in his arms or his arm was moving with the ball? It was a catch for sure

.....incomplete pass...

I dont believe it matters that the ball was moving slightly..... He had control of it.

I also question the refs reply that there was no evidance to over turn the call. Seems to me that if you are looking for evidance it shloud take more than 22 seconds. Usually a quick decision overturns the call.

is it safe to say this is the most controversial catch/call of the season?

after watching it a dozen times I think the refs got it right.

But I'm an argos fan so you're not going to listen to me anyways

Well you got that right :wink:

To overturn the call with instant replay the refs have to have indisputable evidence, in this case they don't. Johnson did not have complete control once he hit the ground, the ball was moving and he couldn't hang onto it.

I always stand up for the refs because they do have a hard job. But with instant replay you would think there is no excuse for getting a call right. So in that I will leave it. The game is over and the Argos won the Stamps now need to prepare for BC.

ro is the only one who thinks it was complete...maybe cuz the incompletion call put the argos in a tie with his als?...hmmmmm...?

i was listening to thefan590 radio on the drive home after the game and director of officiating called into the station to clairify to the radio announcers that it was not complete cuz he didnt have control and the refs made the right call.

So you really think that Black will not agree with his refs.

And no GD I give my opinion based on what I see... not on the standings like I know that some people here do. But it could also be said that you feel it was incomplete for the same reason

Check out the other thread.... You will see I am not the only one who feels it was complete

Black didn't agree with the refs last week on the Yo Murphy "out of bounds" play....

all i know, is the ball was NOT secure in his arms, the ball was bobling around and loose the whole time and came out as he touched the ground...he DID NOT have CONTROL of the ball.

Which is why he will not disagree with them again tonight.

off thing ive always noticed at argo games...ALOT of people dont sit in thier seats..they stand all around the gaurd rail seperating the seats from concession areas and watch the entire game from there...i always wonder how much more full the place would look if these people would stop hiding outta view from cameras....

it was secure 100%. already had 5 people call me about the play. you?....hmmmm....I wish you were correct matrix but the pass is first I thought it was good as well but the more I look at the replay the more I see the call was correct....wish it weren't so but there it is....

I wonder if that was the only replay Jake saw. The other angle was very clear. Once that upper back made contact, that's a catch.

No it's not matrix, Johnson has to control the ball when he hits the ground, he did not and thus it was an incompletion.