You be the ref!!!! Part Deux

Here is a clip of the last play of the SSK EE game.

Was it a fumble?

[url=] ... S_01_1.flv[/url]

Scroll down for a still!

Still think it was not a fumble. The ball is out!

Here is the entire play for those who asked.

[url=] ... 03_1-1.flv[/url]

And for you extra added enjoyment!


[url=] ... 02_1-1.flv[/url]

Excellent work Ro, have you seen so many emotions in a guy for around 30 seconds of video. No fumble IMO. The play should have been called dead. But you have to say that sure was funny to watch.

.....count the times Maciocia soils himself in that can see it in his face.....

Did you look at the pick?
The ball is loose.

Thanks ro! I didnt get to see any football this weekend :frowning:

It looks to me like the ball is falling, and Butler’s still up …


Ro, I think the ref is correct in that it's a fumble, assuming that he called it a fumble, becase:

  1. the ball is loose becase of the hit, not becase he hit the ground, as you still pic shows.

  2. Jopesh, at no time, throws the ball fowand in a motion, if he did, then I would have, along with the refs I would hope, ruled it an incompelte pass, and maybe an intersional grouding.

Butler, not Joseph.....

first of all throwing the ball has nothing to do with anything.

Second it was not Joseph

IMO, that is a sack, because the ball falls loose after he hits the ground. The play should have been blown dead after Butler hits the turf.

um, yes it does, I might not have been 100% clear on the LOS thing, but I know for a fact that if the QB throws the ball foward, or attempts too, the refs will not count the loose ball as a fumble, its gonna be an incompete pass. So that makes a HUGE difference in this. Once again, not giving credit when it's due.

but, mate, the ball came loose before he hit the ground, just look at the still pic, the ball is losse right beteew B and the Defender.

do you see it?

I counted 5…in the vid it looks like it should have been ruled a sack, but from a better angle in the still pic you can clearly see the ball is out.