You be the ref!!!! Part 33 1/3

It has been pointed out that in the controversial play in the Cal Tor game that was called incomplete, Burris may have crossed the LOS.

[url=] ... S_01_1.flv[/url]

Sure looks like it.

It looks to me as though Burris was at behind the line of scrimmage (barely) at the point of release, but over after the follow-through.....

That's close, I'm still not sure if he crossed it.

its a bad video Im uploading to utube in hopes it will be better

its no better on utube.

Its annoying cause the video I uploaded is crystal clear

So whats your call Ro?

I really dont know
He seemed to be behind the line just as he threw but over when it left his hand

you can download the real clip here

Well, I'd feel better if Burris WAS over the line (so I hope he was) ... because then, even if the refs didn't get the right CALL, they did get the right result. (well, apart from applying any penalty that would have come with being over the LOS, but it didn't matter anyway.)

so the rule is that the QB has to be beline the line of S to throw the ball?

You cannot throw the ball forward if you've crossed the line of scrimmage.

I'm not sure how much of you has to cross the line of scrimmage - my guess is both feet have to be completely behind it - but one of the basic rules of football is that you have to be BEHIND the line of scrimmage in order to throw the ball forward.

however, you can thorw it from side to side, correct?

if you can't pass forwands, I guss this is why you can't fumble forwand, and hence why a fumble in the endzone that isn't recovered before it goes OB is givin to the team that had posistion of the ball last (the O) at the 1 yard line.

BTW, I think Burris didn't cross the line, in fact, according to the video, unless I'm mistaken, he is nowhere near it.

He is very near it, KK - almost right on top of it, which is why it's become a topic of discussion.....

Unless he crosses the 20 yd line, then throws, its an illegal pass. He was in his motion before he hit the 20 yd line and releases as he crosses the line, it is very close , but the official usually doesnt flag a QB if he is throwing as he crosses the LOS.

oops, but I have had a better look on youtube, and it does seem like he crossed the line.

really up to the ref I guess, Sambo, but if it were up to me, I think I would call incompelte pass.

You are allowed to throw the ball sideways or backwards whenever you want and as many times as you want in the same play.

And the ball CAN be fumbled forward and picked up by the team that fumbled it - it's just not a very safe way to try and move upfield.

And this topic of contention isn't over whether the pass was complete, it's over whether Burris threw it before crossing the line of scrimmage. For my sake (to make me feel less gypped by the refs), I hope he was over the line of scrimmage ...

btw KK, throwing the ball forward if you're past the line of scrimmage comes with a penalty (of course, even if the pass is caught it doesn't count). I think the penalty is 10 yards from the line of scrimmage.

You call yourself a CFL fan and you dont even know this simple rule???

so you can pass it from side to side, just not forwands after the LOS correct?

You cant pass it side to side either. It had to be behind the passer

I don't know mate, I think you can, either it be a suffle or lateral pass, I mean, how would that clip of those where the team, the Iowa Bears I think, win the game, by passing the ball back and forwand and get to the endzone, taking out a band memeber in the process, be psees if you can't pass like that?

I know it was NCAA football, but I believe the same is true for the CFL.