You be the ref one more time

Here ya go

This is the clip of the BC Ham complete/fumble

[url=] ... S_04_1.flv[/url]

I would love to pat Ronnie on the back for this move

[url=] ... 05_1-1.flv[/url]

You can download both clips in better quality here

The pass


PM me if you are having problems with it

Go shots Ro very good! That one is a tough call! Did the ground make him fumble!

After watching that, it was clearly a catch then a fumble. The officials got that call wrong, but what else is new? I would like to see them use a reverse angle for all games. It may not be conclusive in all calls, but it might give us a more clear picture for some calls, and help the officials get the call right.

I would have thought a reverse angle would have been MANDATORY for instant replay.

Good clips ro1313. I can't tell if the ball was out before contacting the ground. Can you give me a slower motion replay? :wink:

hit the pause play button real fast!!!!! :lol:

You try that with bi-focals! :lol:

No wonder I'm losing my eye-sight. :lol:

the things I do for you guys
You can see the ball squirting out by his elbow

oh yeah, clearly!

Never mind if he was down they called it an incomplete pass in the first place.

Clearly a fumble there guys, I picked that one up the first time I watched it. I didn't see the game, what was the origional ruling on the field? I hope not an incompletion....Jackson took 4 steps with the ball before dropping it

yup incomplete. Ham challenged and it was still ruled incomplete

ron was pissed because after the review the ref announced "there is no evidence that it was a reception and fumble", but ron apparently didn't hear the "there is no evidence that..." part of it. so he thought the ref was saying it was a catch and fumble but still gave BC the ball.

Wow, thats just garbage. Did the entire CFL officiating crew spend Saturday morning down at Johnny's drink shack? I haven't seen officiating this bad since that one NFL ref thought Jerome Bettis said "heads" instead of "tails" on the coin toss in OT.

I thought Lancaster threw the flag again after he saw the replay on the big screen. At least that's what Suitor said. Looked like Jackson caught the ball took a couple of steps and the Ticat defender dislodged the ball by pulling Jackson's arms during the tackle. I could see the Ref missing the call live but not the replay. Oh well.

Well seeing it on the screen after might have been part of it, but on the radio after the game when asked about it he said it was because the ref announced "it was a completed pass and a fumble" but still upheld the initial ruling gave BC the ball, which made no sense. So it was obvious that he didn't hear the beginning of the announcement.