You be the O- Coordinator

I thought this would be an interesting discussion.
Not just in Sk but it seems offensives have been below average lately
Is it because of weather, offensives not changing so defenses are kicking butt.
But back to topic
If I was the O-coordinator i would

  1. get Szarka(Ford) move involved with screens get the defenses to slow the pass rush
  2. use more imagination in our running plays
  • the fake to Cates then shovel it too him has worked in the past
  • fake hand off to ford then flip it to Cates (hell that play alone got us to Grey Cup with Slack)
  1. more 5-10 yard horizontal receiver routes (let our playmakers make plays)
  • Edmonton has used those routes for years but we dont
  1. Lastly I would like to see Clermont in the offensive schemes
  • I do realize we have a great canadian content of receivers but why did we sign him, we're lucky he is being a professional and is teaching our less experienced receivers.

If Lapolice does get let go after this season, who could be his replacement
I have no clue who is out there.
Would a CIS head coach make a good O-Coordinator?
I'm thinking Towriss from Huskies but I would bet he loves staying with the Uof S Huskies
just a few thoughts