You be the Gades GM... What would you do?

IF you ask me it looks like the Gades upper management have pretty much called it a season. They are sitting on their collective asses and I say that are looking to do an overhaul in the off season...

This is my bet.

I don't think it's neccessarily the way to go but I bet you anything that's what they are going to do.

The following is what I'd do:

Seeing that the Argos, Montreal and Hamtown don't seem to be playing super well in the last couple of weeks. I think that this season is salvageable. Unfortunately it's not really the eastern div teams that the Gades have to mathimatically worry about. (the surging Calgary and Sask are the problems).

This is what I'd do.

-Keep Joseph but get B.Banks more involved. Try to develop more of a 1-2 punch. That way if KJ is not rolling, Banks could come off the bench to help out. At the moment - Banks has not played and it's tough for Joe to feel confident about switching it up @ QB.

-NFL cuts - it's not too late. We need help @ LB on D and we need help on the offencive line. (instead of adding marquee QB names on their neg list they need to improve the above mentioned).

-FGkicker/punter - they should have 2-3 in trying out LIKE NOW! American, Canadian, German, Iraki - I don't care where they are from just get then trying out!!!! Ottawa has lost 3-4 games because of kicking.

-Joe - Greg Marshall.... Not now but in the off season. I think I'd do it.

  • Tillman - the best talent identifier out there. Bring him back.

I think they could afford to Fire Joe for Greg Marshall right now to fire up the guys. Greg Marshall knows the system, so there won't be any breakdowns because of his lack of knowledge on the team. I agree fully that they should stop looking for receivers and QB's because we've got great players at those posiions. I wuold love to see them get a tall CB to put him against some of the taller WR that seem to be killing us.