You Are Mediocre , Defense.

Learned nothing from last week.

OTT threw a mirror image from last week at you and were perfectly comfortable.

Again, no answers.

Horrible conditions and they still hung 3 TDS and over 300 yds on you.

You were once the bright spot of the team but have now settled with the rest of the team…mediocre and that’s being charitable


They shut down the run game very well, again this week Madu averaged 2.4 yds. per carry.
The DBs are the issue.

They're clueless.

When you pass with near total comfort, especially underneath, whole lot more going on than the backfield.

YHM @ THF. Fly the friendly skies.

No Delvin Breaux hurt a lot.

No pressure on Harris did too.

Everyone & their dog in this league knows he gets rattled when you pressure him consistently. Except for our US coaches, I guess.

When u only eush 3 linemen or sometimes 4 and there is NO pressure on their QB, sguess what? He has a whole lot of time to find a receiver! What the heck is our D coordinator thinking? Pressure is what makes QBs make mistakes. Pretty simple! Take note!

Right on! They are US coaches and they have to be good, right?? They reek!

Not that it really matters or anything but did anybody see Justin Capicciotti? I never saw him on the field or standing on the sidelines. Thinking we played the game a man short.

The Tiger Cats have been playing a man short all season. As a season ticket holder I feel unrewarded for my efforts to support this team. No adjustments … nothing to even show the fans that they the team wanted to win. Time to move on nothing to see here because nothing appears to change except the words.

They essentially fired Austin, resigned all of their free agents. Moved on from Collaros and found their future QB, brought in Breaux and now Sinkfield… And you’re saying they didn’t do anything to try and win?

It’s one thing to say they were outcoached/outmatched etc. But to suggest they didn’t even try?

Wait… Do you think they need to wake up?

You’re way too literal. When he talked about playing a man short, I think he meant it in a spiritual sense. I’m guessing he’s talking about accepting the Saviour with all their hearts.

Just home, into something warm and dry drinking something warming and relaxing.

I thought the defence was great against the run, but it just opened them up to the short dinker passes to Sinopoli and Ellingson. The advantage of tall, strong receivers. Give them 5 yards a pass and they will take it. Two fives makes a ten, and draws in the DBs for the long ball.

Another good game by Ottawa, full measure for the win. Well prepared, well executed, well deserved. Now we have a tune-up date with Montreal, a home game opportunity against BC, and I hope one more shot at beating these guys.

But got to say, that was one cold, wet night to suffer through a loss. :slight_smile:

I would trade our front 4 for any other teams front.
9th out of 9 and showing no improvement.

Daly has no business starting as he is way toi slow as seen on the long pass to Spencer. Something is wrong with the defence if Spencer is one on one with Daly for a long pass. WIth no pass rush , Harris throws for a td 9 out of 10 times in that situation. Leonard is also a liability game in game out. I blame our coachi g staff for the lack of pass rush all year and they rarely blitzed tonight which made things so much easier for Harris. If they hope to have any chance for a grey cup they need to get Daly out and Stephen in and Leonard and Johnson or freddie williams in
. If we are are going with two starting national receivers then I’d start two import DE’S in Howsare and Tracy and blitz a linebacker a bit more as they tend to always show blitz then backoff not fooling anyone.Ottawa’s offensive co-ordinator continues to outsmart Glanville. That 3rd and one pass for a td to Ellingson was unacceptable. Also, Daly should never be one on one with anyone especially not spencer

Do you think Rob Hitchcock would have covered Terry Vaughn one on one?

You really have to give Daly a break. He's had a good season.

Maybe it is partially Glanville’s fault for not working hard enough to keep Daly from going one on one with a speedster like Spencer. You have to admit Daly is painfully slow though. I never seemed to see Hitch going one ob one with speedy receivers that might have been due to the defensive co-ordinator . I do know Hitch was great at helping a db in coverage and making big hits in the middle on passes and runs.

I know if we play Ottawa again in the playoffs they will continue to successfully pick in Daly and Leonard and stay away from Breaux and take advantage if our lack of pass rush. If wr dont make personnel changes in these areas then Harris will continue to pick us apart and beat us as our offence can’t be counted on with Banks and Saunders out .

Front 7 did well against run but are virtually useless at pass rushing. They couldn't flush a pheasant out of a bush, nevermind a QB like Harris out of his pocket. The DBs can only cover for so long if the QB has five steamboats.

maybe the coaching staff is smarter than us fans only showing a very vanilla O and D with the thought we play them again with the season on the line in the Eastern final. I did say maybe…