You are all amazing -- best wishes

So I haven't been around this past season, as you know. I've spoken to some of you privately, but I felt like I wanted to explain a bit in case anyone else here feels the same way as I do. I haven't watched a single Als game this year since about week three and it feels great. I have so much more time to invest in things that are worth my energy and dedication. I've gone through long periods of being a sports fan, and long periods of not being a sports fan, and this is the start of one of the latter periods, I think.

To be blunt, I've had enough of supporting a franchise that is dysfunctional, that is not interested in putting a watchable product on the field (forget winning anything; man alive, just be competitive!). What happened with Reed, Chapdelaine, and the furnishing of Toronto with our best players is analogous to the Canadiens trading Subban -- it ended my willingness to love franchises that don't love their fans back. It's not just a matter of personal enjoyment (like, I actively hated watching Als games the past few years and it's so nice not to care anymore about whether they win or lose); it's as ethical a stand as I can take. The only way I (and anyone else) can show a team that they are on the wrong track is by choosing not to follow the team, not to attend games or buy merch or support it in any way. You want to play stupid language games and hire coaches based on language? You want to let the coach inexplicably purge the roster of all its good veteran talent and thereby make our division rival a Grey Cup contender in one offseason? You want to trade the star defenseman of the team because (let's be frank) he's a young, charismatic, black superstar and your coach and GM are both racists? Be my guest. Do all those things. Your team will be playing in an empty stadium or arena eventually.

In short, I am showing my displeasure by taking my limited leisure time, energy, and money elsewhere. For the past six months, I've been going back to hobbies that make me happy, like playing guitar. I started playing again and it feels fantastic. The enjoyment I derive from it is bottomless, though I'm not very good and probably never will be. I get to make music, learn and grow, and challenge myself every time I sit down to practice. When I have a free moment, it's the first thing I want to do. Compared to this, following a dysfunctional team just isn't worth the heartache.

The only thing I miss about not following the Als are the conversations and friendships on this forum. Members like Hfx, Johnny, Niagara, sheldon, tony, LeStaf, and anyone else I'm forgetting. Even people I've feuded with! You're all fantastic people to share football with. I'm not saying I'll never come back to football, but I don't anticipate it happening in the near future, so I'll just wish all of you well in your respective lives. Stay healthy and happy.

All best,

Let the fair weather fans posts begin.

In my case going to the Als games as a season ticket holder for the past 6 seasons has been a Father Daughter affair which we have decided to continue for the 2018 season.Are we frustrated,You Bet are we tried of supporting a dysfunctional team,Of course but this is our Father Daughter time and we will end this season on a high note by attending the Grey Cup on Sunday something we had planned since may.

By inference, then, I guess that if one was to think that trading Subban for Weber was a good thing means that we are racists? Interesting take there.

D&P - thank you for the post.
I always enjoyed your insight into the game and the X's and O's.
I missed reading that this past season.

Hopefully at one point you will decide to come back and share your thoughts.

In the meantime I wish you well in your new found passion. Keep plucking the six string and let the music fill your soul.

All the best.

Nice to hear (read) from you again d&p.

I say that in between guitar riffs you still take a peak at what`s happening with the Als. You were too much of a fan for a complete divorce.

But yeah it`s tough being an Als fan these days when the problems start at the ownership level.

Personally its even tough to come on the forum these days, when no matter what is posted, it ends up being about Kavis and Andrews incompetence. Im as guilty of this as anyone, but it does become repetitive and draining.

My initials are S & M, but I don`t enjoy being a masochist. So probably will also be hanging around a little less.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Chacun peut avoir ses raisons de suivre ou cesser de suivre les Alouettes, mais une chose est certaine, D & P n'est pas un "fair weather fan".

Les problèmes actuels des Alouettes, il les a vus venir depuis 2013, si ce n'est 2012. Il les a anticipés avant tout le monde et on doit lui lever notre chapeau pour avoir vu juste sur les conséquences des mauvaises décisions cumulées par les Wetenhall au cours des dernières années. Les espoirs très relatifs suscités par les embauches des agents libres et du repêchage de cette année a rapidement tourné à la malédiction lorsque cette nouvelle équipe de pas de direction a démantelé l'essentiel de cette équipe avait encore de bon. Je le comprends parfaitement de faire le vide de cette équipe en lui car elle n'a rien de positif à apporter à qui que ce soit présentement. Je ne comprends même pas comment un gars intelligent comme Paul-André Côté s'est aventuré dans cette organisation qui en est devenue une de 4ième ordre. D & P a montré qu'il a beaucoup de profondeur dans son regard sur une partie de football, sur une équipe de football. Devant la tristesse de ce qui s'est passé sous nos yeux cette saison, je le comprends de ne tirer aucune satisfaction de regarder ces ramassis d'erreurs, d'inepties et de cafouillages. Plus on connaît la chose, moins on se plaît à en regarder ce qu'elle a de plus nul.

Je viens encore discuter sur ce forum pour faire connaître ma réprobation profonde de la chute vertigineuse de cette équipe vers les bas fonds de la médiocrité. Je n'ai pas l'intention d'acheter de billets, ni d'aller aux parties de l'an prochain, ni d'acheter quoi que ce soit, et probablement même pas de regarder les parties. Je suis tout aussi dégoûté que notre ami D & P et j'attends de voir ce que l'hiver nous réserve avant de me faire une tête définitive. Pour ma part, les Alouettes m'ont perdu. Je leur laisse une petite chance de me retrouver, mais tout ça va passer par une cohérence à tous les niveaux. Au chapitre des moyens par lesquels les supporteurs peuvent faire passer leur message, le portefeuille est le plus efficace. Ça fait 5 ans que cette équipe trouve moyen de s'empirer; les supporteurs ont fait leur part. C'est maintenant aux dirigeants de leur montrer d'abord qu'ils peuvent la remettre sur le bon chemin avant qu'ils n'y mettent un autre 5 cents.

En terminant, je souhaite à notre ami D & P de trouver un surcroît de bonheur dans ses nouveaux intérêts. La vie nous offre assez d'opportunités pour ne pas s'emmerder de ce qui nous déplaît et qu'on peut éviter.

I have wondered about you and, thought about you all this season. I have certainly missed
your keen analysis of football and, especially the Alouettes. I have always pegged you as
an x and y person who had ability to look at a team then map out a strategy for our team
that would be effective for the Als. I believe it was MadJack who labeled you as our OC.
Best wishes to you in your present life, your new interests and, in your employment in
your new living situation. As for me, I’ve been a long time follower of the Als, the Habs and
will continue to hope for their ultimate success.

Nice and sincere post about yourself D&P! Thanks for sharing.

There is much more than sports in life. So, it is good that you are pursuing, and returning to hobbies that give you pleasure. Expand your horizons, and learn to love new things! This can only bring you happiness.

Good luck with the guitar! :slight_smile:

Johnny was a guitar player in his youth. At age 17, after playing for 3 years on a Fender Stratocaster imitation, Johnny bought his second guitar. A used (but like brand new) 1981 limited edition Les Paul Silverburst (see picture of the same model guitar). Johnny was the envy of every guitarist in the neighborhood! That guitar was to good for man! It had the softest touch of any guitar Johnny ever tried. It was a joy to play, and it made beautiful music. It was also stunning to look at. Johnny has many fond memories of playing with a friend drummer, and another guitarist. We played 80s rock like Bryan Adams, John Cougar, the Cars, etc. Johnny could play "Money for nothing" by Dire Straits exactly the same as in the real song. Good times.

Johnny went through some hard times, and sold his Les Paul in his early twenties. One of the biggest mistakes Johnny ever made. It was 26 years ago, and Johnny still regrets it!

Johnny hasn't played in years. Johnny's tastes have changed since he was a teenager. Johnny now listens to a lot of jazz. Because of Chet Baker and Herb Alpert, Johnny has thought of taking up the trumpet. Maybe Johnny will, when he is feeling better.

Let us know how things work out and don't be a stranger!

It has been nice to fins other uses of my time these last two seasons.

I still get the odd tsn phone alert about the als, usually something bad is happening to the team, but other than that my interest has been nil.

I have taken to watching formula one again, a far more enjoyable pastime than watching the als self destruct. As for the habs, screw then too, I'm watching the preds this season. I hear they have a dynamic young black blueliner.

I am glad to hear that you've found something that you enjoy, maybe once the als clean house and rebuild from the ground up we shall see you here once again.

I don't envy their sales staff, they have a long climb back. Personally, I just won't support an organization that treats people the way they have with Chapdelaine, Bear, SJ, Popp not a chance. The writing was on the wall when Weightman walked off.

I enjoyed My Eskimos season and Mike Reilly's acceptance speech last night was the best of any athleteacceptance speech, I've ever heard.

I can also see a lot of Als fans becoming Argos fans.

Thanks, all of you. LeStaf hit the nail on the head about life being too short to spend your time doing or thinking about something that doesn't bring you pleasure. That's pretty much where I'm at right now.

Johnny, you had a Les Paul Silverbust?!!?! :o :o :o Wow, that must have been a dream to play. Good luck recovering your health. I hope you do take up the trumpet and play jazz. I'm a big Miles fan, and I love most classic jazz, so I can definitely see the appeal, even if I lack the patience and talent to play it myself! ;D

Anyhow, you're all fab. And yeah, never say never. I might check in again, but it won't be for a while, and the team itself would have to do a lot right for a long time to win back my trust.


I'm pretty much in the same boat as d&p. At some point, you simply run out of epithets to describe ineptitude. I'm not completely indifferent to the Als as I check in to see what's happening from time to time.

In my case, I'm a big ND fan and they're doing well this year with a huge game against Stanford tonight. With the Miami loss yesterday, and the chance of more upsets coming today and next week, the Irish might still be in the mix for a playoff position. But first things first - they must win tonight! At the very least, with a W they could make it to one of the New Year's Six major Bowl games.

I hope I will be able to contribute enthusiastically to this forum once again. For that to happen, however, a lot will have to happen in the off-season, along with good performance on the field in 2018.

Fans have the right to do anything they want but IMO the only way to have a positive impact is to keep them accountable and call them out when they are inept, dishonest and treat people poorly.

Wow! Barges in out of oblivion right into another guy's classy thread and backhand's him in the face like a biatch. That mod must have had great judgment.

I think you misread me HfxTC, I was taking no shot at all at d&p. So I deleted my post and will return to oblivion.

No need to go back to oblivion. An explanation is usually better than just going away. Full disclosure; when you stopped posting here, Johnny looked you up. Johnny remembered your true name and profession from an article Herb wrote about you, a few years ago.

Maybe Johnny got some of the research parameters wrong; but he found nothing. Johnny feared you had passed away.

Johnny is happy you are still around! We might disagree on football related matters, but those are pretty small things compared to life in general.

Besides, Johnny could never stay mad at a guy who likes Miles Davis' music (you and D&P share this trait, as does Johnny).

Johnny would still argue Chet Baker is a better trumpetist, but Davis is a more influential artist. :slight_smile:

I'm so happy you can now play guitar 18 times a year. In North America we have a lot to learn about being loyal sports fans. As soon as a team goes through bad times, it's easy to quit supporting the team and giving up. Is that what you do once a marriage goes through rough times? Do you abandon your children because they make decisions you don't agree with? In a few years (or however long it may take, maybe we need to be talking decades, but regardless), when the Als do turn things around and become competitive and eventually win more Championships, I hope that you enjoy playing your guitar and all your other hobbies you decide to take on. Maybe you can even write a song about it, while the rest of us celebrate.

Best wishes to you.

I echo Johnny's sentiments, Madjack. I for one liked your comments.

As to harassment or any kind of bullying, intimidation... on this forum, it is clearly not permitted and individuals who do so should be reported and banned. The Mods do their best to help avoid these situations.

Hopefully, you will post again.

Last point - I hope the Als brain trust (and I use that term loosely!) are satisfied with their off season deals. SJ, Bear, and - for that matter! - Popp are GC winners! I wonder if and when we will ever see a GC parade down Ste Catherine again!

Freddy Hubbard?