York Report

Reading the Metro this morning and came across this little tid-bit from our good friend Marty:

"And another high profile QB is being dangled as trade bait these days. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are making Jason Maas available, just as the Toronto Argonauts have deemed Damon Allen expendable"

....Any thoughts?

Any thoughts....just one. I don't like Marty York and I think he is an idiot. That is why I don't read what he writes.

Had a feeling that was coming...

Considering it is Marty York my thoughts are that it translates as this.

"The Hamilton Tiger Cats are ecstatic with Jason Maas and have NO intention of trading him no matter what the offer was."

My problem with Marty is that he just makes stuff up and/or stretches information to the extreme.

For example let's say he was talking with Eric Tillman the GM of Saskatchewan. He would ask Eric are you happy with Henry Burris as your QB. If Eric said yes, Marty would say something along the lines of....well if Hamilton offered you Maas, Lumsden, Holmes, Bekasiak, Cody and Armour for him would you think about. Tillman would say, sure we would think about that.....and the next thing you know is Marty is reporting Saskatchewan looking to trade Burris. You see what I mean?

I have have personally talked to a few players over the years who would not talk to Marty any more specifically because of this type of way he dealt with players and twisted information.

When nothing interesting is happening he makes stuff up and hides behind the "sources have revealed to me" mantra. He's been called out by a few GM's in the past for stuff he has made up.

Basically I have not the time or desire to read his crap. He thinks everybody wants to hang on every word he writes, he is very egotistical and totally lacking in credibility IMO.

I don't see in the article where he says that the Ticats are looking to unload Maas. If you don't like York that is fair enough but don't make up things that he didn't write.

But it is a good rumour:


Make things up?!? I'm holding the paper in my hand...Wednesday, June 13th. Pg 13. Last paragraph.

[url=http://www.metronews.ca/uploadedFiles/PDFs/20070613_vancouver.pdf]http://www.metronews.ca/uploadedFiles/P ... couver.pdf[/url]

I believe it.

You all forget about things he does get right. The day Tillman got hired in Sask, what did Marty say? Barret would get canned after the season and Austin would replace him. And what happened? Also he was the first one in all of North America to break the news of Vince Carter wanting out of Toronto and he broke the news two months before Carter wanted to go public with it. York is not a slacker, he does have high profile sources and he's not someone who sits around waiting for stories to come fall in his lap. Which is why i respect him. In the U.S this type of journalism is accepted and is common practice for journalists to find and create stories and do their own snooping, but for some reason if you do that here you get exiled because all the other journalists would rather slack off and report it when it happens.

It might not be that far fetched, in both cases you have a Chang and Bishop that both teams may want to really feature as things are working out so both qb's, Allen and Maas, might be the starting qb's, yes, but on very short strings, and both might know it. Therefore both could be the subject of some more or less assertive talks out there. I don't know?

Seems to me that the Metro website is often a bit slow off the mark to post articles; so his 13 June article which Xenu thoughtfully posted for us as a .pdf file, will likely be available on the website tomorrow.

You call that an article? 90% is a cut and paste job from Daved Benefield wrote on cfl.ca! Why doesn't Metro just hire Benefield and cut out the middle man? :roll:

Well I stand corrected!! You got it right. The copy I got from the Ottawa Metro never mentioned the Maas story. Marty could be right on that one though it wouldn't surprise me if Hamilton is looking to unload Maas.

And Pinball said on the FAN590 today that Damon was not being shopped around. So either Pinball is fibbing or York is. Which would you put your money on?

An Argo-Cat fan

coaches and gm's always lie when trade rumours get leaked. What do you expect Pinball to say? 'Yes we're trying to trade him, but no one wants his salary so we're gonna have to keep him.'

also on fan590's argo show thismorning, they asked an Argo executive about this....he simply said 'its marty york, what more needs to be said?'....haha

C'mon people! Go easy on Marty. After all, the poor guy is doomed to have to watch the Maple Leafs for the rest of his miserable career. How much more painful and frustrating can it get than that??? Here's an interesting link on the non-subject of Marty York.

[url=http://arsenalist.com/2007/02/27/marty-york-rips-chuck-swirsky/]http://arsenalist.com/2007/02/27/marty- ... k-swirsky/[/url]

Ya well they should have tetorted that Marty was right about Austin being fired.

But anyways Marty is stupid for mentioning these rumours because there is little chance Allen or Maas will get trade because no one wants either of their salaries. The only way a trade will get done is if someone loses their q.b for the season.

Marty isn't stupid for mentioning these rumours, he says in the article that:

" it wouldn’t take much to pick up Damon All en. According to a CFL general manager who requested anonymity, the Argonauts have let it be known through the grapevine that Allen, a 44-year-old grandfather, can be had “for a bag of peanuts"

As for Maas I'm sure the Ticats would love to off load him especially if Chang or the other two play well. I think they give Maas a few games into the season and if he doesn't step up he's history.

It reminds me of a certain QB from Edmonton DAN CRAWLEY that the expansion Renegades picked up as their first round draft pick in 2002. He was a disaster and the Gades stuck with him for a season and a half until they threw in Kerry Joseph who eventually took over. Crawley had the big contract and everyone said just give him time, look what he did in Edmonton. Where is Crawley now?

As for Maas I'm sure the Ticats would love to off load him especially if Chang or the other two play well. I think they give Maas a few games into the season and if he doesn't step up he's history.

Agree completely.

Yep! If Maas doesn't step up this year, out the door with his butt. The Ticats aren't here for the benefit of Maas. Maas is supposed to be here for the benefit of the Ticats.