York on the Argo's

Marty says, Pinball will run for mayor next season, Allen will be their next o.c and Doug Flutie will also be their next head coach. Also he said Allen was bugging Rita and Pinner to fire Austin all season.


Dude, this is Marty York we're talking about here. The guy is the qunitesential fountain of misinformation. The Leafs have a better chance of winning the Stanley Cup before this guy gets anything right. :roll:

I don't see Pinball running for Mayor next year as the vote is this fall. He'll have to wait a couple of years.
I wouldn't be surprised to see Flutie as the OC next year and then move up to Head Coach in 08.

So you're predicting a Pinball for Mayor push in 2009 then?

marty york is just another sportswriter on crack.

The next mayor's race in all of Ontario is 2010, 4 years now after this election.