YOOHOO! The game thread for Toronto at Hamilton is here >>>

HANG ON TO THE BALL TASKER!!! Now do we keep possession. Safety for us and we keep the ball.

Not as good as TD but better than nothing! Got to start hanging on to the ball - Does NOT bode well when we are giving it up early. :frowning:

Yes...if it crossed the sideline, it would have been Argo ball. It is a weird rule.

2 possessions; 2 turnovers - not a good start; hopefully that's the end of it

Now we know why Colclough is no longer a Ticat!! PI and the Argos are coughing up another penalty!

I think our guys need to get some communication going in the backfield with Gable and Banks colliding back there! :oops:

CATCH the BALL, Grant!! :oops:

Why would Milanovich challenge it as a completed pass....it was no where near out of bounds

Time to PUNCH IT IN!! [size=99px] :thup: :thup:


Finally they were able to put everything together and put it in the endzone.

Some coaches grapple at ANYTHING - Popp seems to be the same way and where did Milanovich come from?? :roll:

Horrible Kick Off coverage...

WAY too much leeway on that return!! :thdn:

2 turnovers already, gotta stop that

Need to play 4 qtrs this week and not take the 3rd off again.

The Cats have come to feast!!!!

I’m becoming a fan of Eric Norwood…

Watched him at South Carolina and he was good there…He’s becoming good here!!!

SACK BOUDREAUX I think!! Or was it Norwood OR a combined effort? WAY TO GO!! :smiley: :rockin: :rockin:
Still 2nd and long and the end of the first quarter.

The Argos are staying consistent by being terrible in the first half. Hamilton needs to take advantage of this and stick it to them. We need at least 2 more touchdowns this quarter.

Here I joke about people not being able to find the obvious game threads with the clearer names...and I am posting stuff on this game in the last game's thread. Ugh. LOL

Increasing Dementia?

Nice return negated by holding COME ON guys!!

Gable made a nice catch to get 8 yards.
And he keeps moving the ball forward picking up 5 for the first down

Nah, not a Leaf fan yet. LMAO :wink: