YOOHOO! The game thread for Toronto at Hamilton is here >>>

Was sure that I saw this thread a few days ago but couldn't find it a few minutes ago - Thanks for the post.

Larks served up some turkey - Time for the Ticats to get the Boatmen to serve up some turkey as well! :rockin:


Huge game.... I look forward to a doosy

I would argue that, it's 4:30 in the morning here.


C'Mon D!!!

NICE tackle King!! Now for the D to shut down the Blew O!



I meant "good game" time.....lol

Man...Murray jumped the route and almost got a pick 6...

At least we got them stopped without any damage and now we can put some points up :rockin: - thanks for the penalty #6 - whoever you are in blew! :lol:

Time to make that happen!

Looked like we were way offsides on that play...

Way to go,Marwan....

We miss an interception for an easy score and now the Cats give up the ball on miscommunication. When things like this happen it usually goes bad for the rest of the game.


That went about as well as it could have possibly went...

WAY TO GO ISAAC! Nipped that play in the bud with a BIG hit. And Waters is wide on the FG - Why didn't he run it out??? Maybe conceding the single is the better move at this point - Hope it doesn't come back to haunt us!! :smiley:

The Cats get lucky and escape with a scratch after that turnover. It's time for Hank and the offense to get back on the rails and move the ball.

That is probably going to be Argo football...

We get a safety...upon confirmation by the eye in the sky.

Argos Suck chants shake Guelph! LOL

Wow....This is getting a bit confusing...

That ball was kicked in the field of play...I guess because it went out at the dead ball line it's a Safety?

What an odd turn of events. The officials had to dust off the rule book for that one.