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Mon October 14
Toronto at Hamilton
4:30 pm et/ 1:30 pm pt




might be the game of the week.

It was sad to start the practice week with news that only Beswick may return from the Injured Lists. It'll be great to have him back leading the STs but, even with the extra days off, Ellingson, Figueroa, Simmons, Breaux, Webb, Giguere and Lamar still weren't participating, while Bowman was back, but limited in practice activity. Then Jamall Johnson hurt something, upper or lower, in the first practice and won't play on Monday. I base that last comment on Simoni Lawrence's inability to, as Coach Austin did, leave the impression, with the media, that Johnson still might play. So it looks like, compared to Oct. 4th, Monday will see a somewhat weaker TiCat lineup against an improved one for that other team, with their #1 QB back. If Austin can lead his troops to victory this time, I'll be even more impressed with his coaching talents than I already am -- and, I already am a lot!

Who you calling a "YooHoo"?

I still say we've lost more players to injuries this year during practices than during the actual games.




Then Jamall Johnson hurt something, upper or lower, in the first practice and won't play on Monday.
HUGE loss. That might be the difference in the game right there.

P.S. - OP, why did you cave on the thread titles? Name them as you like. It's your thread, and until a moderator says different, there is nothing wrong with the original style titles.

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From Drew Edwards,

[b]Quick update from Saturday's Ticats practice

Here's what's happening on the third and final practice of the week before Monday's game...

UPDATE: the Argos have confirmed what we kinda figured all along: Ricky Ray will start at quarterback on Monday.

And no msd, offensive tackles Brian Simmons and Joel Figueroa did not practice on Saturday.

• middle linebacker Jamall Johnson is still not practicing, meaning it's increasingly unlikely he'll play Monday. Nate Bussey is in his spot.

• no Greg Ellingson, Dee Webb or Delvin Breaux either. [/b]

Those are 6 very good players out of our lineup!

this will be a tough game for the Cats to win: just like every other game this season. If they can shoot down Ray’s rockets, they have a chance (how about installing a Patriot missile battery at Alumni field?)

I think the thread title is a real hoot. A good sarcastic kick in the slats to the ones that had trouble interpreting the fun titles.

I also think the game is going to be rough in all three phases. Our D better get to Reeky fast so he doesn't have a chance to settle in. Hope too they can contain the Cry'n Hawaiian, Kackert and Durie. Please Mr. Davis 'wrap up'; your hits are superb, but you need to hang on.

Our O is improved from game 1 when we should have beaten them. Ray shouldn't be 100% wrt timing and new routes, but....

Russ I'm glad that you didn't confuse any of the knuckle draggers who complained about your previous game thread titles. I so want to hear the intelligent comments they have so it would be a real loss if they couldn't find the correct place to make them. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi folks! Go Cats!!!!


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Hey! It's two turkeys and Chris Cuthbert! :wink:

At long last... it's good game time!!!

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