Yonus Davis BUSTED On Drug Charges!

Yonus Davis of the B.C. Lions has been detained in California by Drug Enforcement Administration authorities. He had more than 27 kilograms of ecstasy pills in his possession reportedly with the intent to distribute them.

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Maybe he didn't notice the 27kg and it was planted on him???

Yeah, no.

My oh my! If it's not Boden smacking women around, it's Davis brought up on drug charges. If it's not Davis its Printers with an attitude. What is it with these football guys?

Poor Wally. According to the newspapers he wants to go and meet with U.S. attorney Melinda Haag. I hope she's a CFL fan. Maybe she could be interested in a pair of seasons tickets.

I say let, Davis come back to Canada but take away his 67 pounds of ecstasy. We need him! Can you imagine how much fast he would be if he were 67 pounds lighter. As it was he was pure "ecstasy" to watch anyway!

If the charges stick Yonus is history. The U.S. attorneys are like wolverines on steroids when it comes to these sorts of violations. B.C.'s very own Prince of Pot, Marc Emery got 5 years in a Federal U.S. prison for selling "grass" seed on-line. I can imagine what will happen to Yonus if he's found guilty of attempting to distribute ecstasy.

Looks like the club is prepared to move on without Yonus. :frowning:

They're working out JR Ruffin who used to play with the Stamps and was a very effective returner IIRC.

[url=http://www.theprovince.com/sports/football/bc-lions/Second+hailstorm+greets+Calgary+kick+return/4686544/story.html]http://www.theprovince.com/sports/footb ... story.html[/url]

Heard about this on the Fox the day the story broke...

Funniest comment I heard was "He always played with a smile on his face."

Huge loss to the team but what can you do!

Pay these guys more money, that's what you can do! $45,000 a year for someone of his talent was an insult. Wally should have ripped up his contract after last season and kept him here a longer term.

CFL TV numbers are through the roof, attendance is at an all-time high and most teams are making money hand-over-fist. Let's start getting these guys paid in line with the cost of living and maybe they wouldn't turn to crime for an extra $20,000.

oh wow. did you really just say that.

there is no excuse for crime, and those that would commit crimes would do so no matter what.

Should the falcons have paid Vick more?

No excuse, but understandable. You try living on $45,000 a year in Oakland California with all the drug/crime pressures in that environment and a family to support, then we'll talk. He said he hoped to get $20,000 out of the deal. Would he have done what he did if he was paid properly for his services? We'll never know, but you can't compare Yonus Davis's alleged drug deal with Michael Vick. That's just nuts.

I don't know if I'd agree with understandable - sounds too much like acceptable - but $45k is a joke for someone with that talent. I had no idea it was that low.

rookie in cfl, it has to be that low. still 2 times minimum wage for a whole yr. not too shabby. Do we see all minimum wage earners supplimenting their income through criminal activivity. Do we call their wages a joke. Do we almost understand their criminal activity. Do we make their regular income an extenuating circumstance at their sentencing?

There is no excuse or even understanding, no matter how much money he makes doing whatever, talent be damned.

believe it or not, there are people living on welfare who dont commit such crimes, or any other for that matter.

No, no, no Rhymes with Orange. I'm sorry my friend, you are totally, completely off base on what motivated Davis! There is nothing understandable about it at all! Nothing!

The guy was making $43,000 a year for 6 months work. What else was he doing for the other 6 months? Even if he earned only another $25,000 he would have made more than most of us make all year. Not only that he was doing something he loved doing- playing pro ball.

This is a guy who has [had?] incredible talent and potential. He was only in his rookie year. Look at the future that was ahead of him. He just needed to pay his dues but he got greedy and wanted it all real fast- and got caught. Now he will pay the piper. This has ZERO to do with what pro football players are getting paid in the CFL. Loch Heron of the B.C. Lions [1970s] was working for Woodward's Stores in his off season.

Davis got greedy and tried to make fast money. He blew it and shot his pro career right out the window. Hopefully he'll learn from this. The CFL could have been a stepping stone to the NFL where the "real" big money is. Moon, Wake, Flutie and others paid their dues. Davis tried to take the easy way out.

Your reasoning is like saying that dirty cops should have gotten paid more so they would not be tempted to sell the caches they confiscated or get bought off by the underworld.

Sorry man, but you are way off on this one.

To a large degree our choices when we are young determine how far we go in life; that is certainly the case with young Yonus Davis. Sad to see the kid screw his life up for, at most, $20,000 in total drug sales. That is about the same amount of $$$ he could have made legitimately at some other job down in the US or up here during the offseason. Had he stayed in Vancouver and found work locally this incident probably would not have happened. You can take the kid out of the bad environment, but you can't take the bad environment out of the kid.

Davis was a game breaker but, to paraphrase Crash Davis when he described young pitcher Nuke LaLouce in the film Bull Durham, "he had a million dollar pair of legs and a five cent head"! Now he gets to pick up the slippery soap for a bunch of bad ass bull queers in the joint until he serves out his ten- to twenty-year sentence. If this unfortunate episode proves anything, it is that coach Brillo and his staff need to do a more thorough job of vetting these young American players before signing them.

Now a few words about the CFL draft. Hard to understand why we'd trade down from 3rd to 6th in the first round of the CFL draft, only to get a guy who caught a lousy three balls last year for Harvard. harvard?! This guy better be more impressive on the field than he seems right now. Even harder to believe we'd deal Sean Whyte tothe Als when the aging Paul McCallum is likely to play his last season in 2011. You would think that Sean Whyte's somewhat lower salary would have freed up some cap space to help the team elsewhere. Regardless, I wish him well in his new job with the Alouettes.

Dooger in Surrey. :cowboy:

It is a sad indictment of the social problems in the US, particularly in the black community and the resultant mindset that contributes to bad personal choices. You can see the issues arising in NFL, NBA and MLB in the US. The dream to get out of poverty and violence is through an incredibly tiny chance at sports scholarships followed by a tiny chance at a pro-sports draft followed by a tiny chance at a multi-year career, with too often nothing to fall back-on if that doesn't work out, college degree notwithstanding.

If you don't have the determination and discipline to make it through 2 years in the CFL while hoping, but not counting-on, a few years at a bigger contract, you are doomed before you start.

Whenever a CFL player (or even ex-players, like Tom Porras or Cody Ledbetter) get into legal trouble as has Yonus Davis, we are able to talk about it here. Regardless of 'innocent until proven guilty' and regardless of whether or not the matter is still before the courts.

However, when a certain GM got into a spot of legal difficulty, we were prevented from discussing it, on the basis that it was before the courts.

So why are players and ex-players fair game and GMs are not?

I hate double standards.

Fair comment Madjack.
Where do you sit on this? Should we be able to comment on all or not?

I think common decency says we should not.

Interesting point Madjack!

I'm not sure where I sit.

I can make an argument for either position; were it to come to a vote I'm not sure how I'd vote. I can see a rationale for both sides.

It's the double standard that I detest. So unfair. They should either let us talk or not. . . and not extend preferential treatment to one.

If we weren't allowed to talk about Tillman's situation because it was before the courts, then why are/were we allowed to post about the legal problems faced by Porras, Ledbetter, Jason Armstead, and now Yonus Davis while those situations are still before the courts?

I know I raised this at the time, but never got an answer.

What I find even weaker than a double standard is when peoplke lodge a complaint without their solution.
too easy madjack…way too easy.

The "solution" is up to the admins, and not to me. I have no suggestion as to which way to go, as I said I'm content either way. Pick one and stick to it, and make it apply to all.

Just so we're clear here;

My complaint is the double standard.

My solution is to eliminate the double standard by picking one rule and making it apply equally to all.

As to which rule the admins pick, that's up to them, I'm content either way as long as it is fairly applied to all with no preferential treatment.