Yo Murphy comming to the Green and White...

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What are your thoughts?

IMO- Tillman has his brain in gear! - That would make 2 downfield connections KJ has good confidence with... but who goes out of the lineup ? -French ?? :? They better not take out my Fantuz!! :lol:

I would say either one of them. Both Grant and French seem to be dropping a few this year and dropped a lot of them last year. I believe someone said on this forum that the only way Corey Grant could reliably catch a football was with a fishing net.

Hmm well he wasn't anything stellar in Ottawa but it wouldn't hurt to give him a chance that's for sure. He's got experience with Joseph so that would help, get him out there and see what he does!

I think KJ would like to see Yo downfield. I know hes no Geroy Simon, Ben Cahoon, or Milt The Man, BUT... friendly faces help on a field where 12 players wanna rip off your head

Joseph hasen't been passing to armstead what makes you think he's gonna pass to murphy

Armstead has been well covered (from what I've seen) - Defences know that he is KJs 'safety throw'... If you throw another of those guys on there, Defences will need to cover more bases.

but how good was yo in ottawa

IMO Corey Grant will be taken out of the lineup as soon as Murphy gets a few reps in practise

Yo Murphy is the Renegades all time leading reciever. Although the renegades werent really around for long...

This just in.....Yo Murphy has been named captain of the CFL's All-Names Team......