Yo Murphy injured

Hello Rider Nation,

So "Yo" is out for this week with a bad ham.

Kahil Hill is reported to replace him.

How much will this hurt our offense?


Hill is a good receiver as well..

Well it might be hard to judge since KJ might not play the whole game if BC wins and locks up 1st. With that said, even playing Crandell, I don't think it will hurt us too much. I thought that when we lost Armstead and when Dominguez went down that we would be in serious trouble. However Fantuz, Flick, Grant all stepped up their game. Mike Washington has came in and done a great job. Holmes is catching the football and hanging on to it which is amazing and I'm happy for Corey for obviously concentrating and really working hard at his recieving game. I remember his 1st stint with the Riders he couldn't catch a cold. He has shut me right up ever since he came back and I'm happy he has done so! Way to go CH! Also with our ground game being enough of a threat to gain respect from opposing defences I think we will be fine. It is all about guys stepping up and making plays when their number is called and everyone seems to be doing that. Great TEAM effort! Austin has these guys in the proper mindset right now and the success is following.

I'm not sure how much KJ will play, but Yo has hardly been a lynchpin in the Rider offence since his return. I think he's averaging 2 balls a game.

I say, dont' ease off.

go and destroy the helpless Eskimos!

All The Riders fans in Edmonton and that come to watch the game, will be very annoyed if the Riders take it easy this game.

I can guarantee the Riders will not ease off. Even if Crandell plays, he wants to win. If Durant played he would want to win. There will not be any let up for this team. Austin will not let that happen. However if second place is our set position, I wouldn’t want to risk KJ taking a late shot from Braidwood or Gass and I honestly would not put it past them to pull something like that. Also it is very important Crandell gets some playing time. He looked very rusty when he came in last game but a couple drives and he started to throw some good balls. He threw a real nice pump and go. The back-up quarterback was probably the biggest position this year for the majority of teams. Every team is only one poly away from losing their starter so Crandell has to get reps and has to get decent playing time these last 2 games. However you don’t want KJ to lose what he has going. I think the 1st half in Edmonton and the 2nd half for the last game vs Toronto should be all that KJ plays. Give Crandell a couple of halves to run the offense and be prepared just incase…

Right. If BC wins tomorrow, everything the Riders do is geared solely to winning on Nov. 11.

There willbe no easing off, but there's no upside to putting players at risk unnecessarily...especially if Edmonton's field conditions are less than stellar.

Hill has been hurt some. But he has done nothing. Austin and Tillman seem to like him. So far I see him as a bad sign. Hope I'm wrong. If Murphy is hurt we will see. I think BC beats Hamilton big. We still need to win against Edmonton. Want to go in to playoffs playing very good. We are now. Hope Hill can replace Murphy. Need to keep playing good to be ready for Calgary. Then beat BC.

HA. I am sorry. Call me immature or whatever it is you want, but that made me laugh (or as the young kids are saying: LOL)

Coming into the season the Riders had some of the most depth in the receiving area in all the CFL becuz' of reasons like injuries. We will do fine.

Hey Roger, Nice mustache. Who are you supposed to be? Pablo Cedo?

I thought Austin was crazy bringing in so many receivers, but I was wrong. You need receiver depth in this league to keep your offense rolling through injuries.


189 yard in first half, 2 tds passing, one rushing.