Yo, Geo90210...

...what are you hearing about the Buckeyes this season? I know "Athlon" ain't high on 'em but you gotta ask a true Buckeye for the straight poop, ya know? Okay, too many typo's...gotta lay off the Bud Light for a spell...

90210...lol! One of my fav. shows. Regarding the Buckeyes.......wish I could help ya but I moved here from NY and am not a college football fan.Couldn't care less for the Buckeyes. I'm strictly a CFL kinda guy

After November, I'm usually into Hockey and then Indoor Lacrosse come January

There's something seriously wrong with you Geo...don't get me wrong, we love ya here but NOTHING on the Buckeyes???? Okay then, how about Rutgers then, you New York Mutha-f......, kidding, I kid...the mighty Scarlet Knights! Okay, so that's Jersey...wanna give us a Hofstra update, compadre?

Uhhhmmm.....Hofstra Lacrosse is awsome?? :lol:

Really though....I don't follow college sports...Just pros.

With my job...don't have alot of time to watch everything on TV regarding sports. So...have to make a choice and the choice is Pro.

fair enough...I've just always been a Jets fan, so I know the area a little. Just shits and giggles...

Giving Westerns and ESKS fans a good name again… :lol:

"westerns"? Please explain...

Westerners…sorry, a type o.

I figured that you would have figured that out. :lol:

Boy, you are real tough behind a computer screen and a fake name… :lol:

…your parents must be real proud of you. :lol:


You need to get your facts straight. Moses on many occasions has
told people he lives in the TORONTO area. :oops:

You two could be neighbors. PM him, maybe he'll take you out for a

I think I will pass :lol: …but like me, some may assume that they are from out west , if they didn’t already know that. :wink:

Eskylo...I'm not nearly cool enough to hang with "hellothere"...and apparently not smart enough to pick out his typo's.

I wonder if "hello" was serious about calling me out as a cyber-bully.

NO , you are just a jerk …actually just a fightened little boy. :lol:

Gawd you're a loser...we should send you to the sticks...a.k.a Riderville

.......I gotta agree........EM asked for a simple explanation and hello, you like jump down his throat calling him out.......maybe you two have some history I'm missing but HT, try to be a little less instantly-agressive dude........or not, I really couldn't care less, but what's the purpose of joining forums if it only ends up in fights?..........

This pollution is getting redundant.

Gentlemen, honestly...I do not give a rat's ass, "dude" don't like me, he's entitled. The poster's on this board whom I respect know who they are...point finale...

these fueds that centre around Eski-Moses should stop...especially if he's not even saying something stupid,