Yo, fellow cfl fanatics

I assume you already get tsn, so it costs nothing to tune into the game. You can still spend money directly on the game.

As for how they know if you watch, how do they get tv viewer figures?

I don't even have a TV.

They get TV audience estimates with the bbm portable people meters, pager-like devices that a random sample of people carry around with them that detect what show's they're watching. These results are then extrapolated to the whole population.

well I guess you get a pass on that then.

What do you do to watch? Go to someone elses house? Internet?

I wonder do they have a way of tallying internet viewers? Dont suppose they make any money on it anyhow

I make regular visits to my family in Hamilton, where I can watch some of the games on cable. Last year, TSN streamed Friday Night Football and the playoffs live directly from their website. I haven’t been able to find the FNF stream this year, so either they stopped doing that or I’m stupid. Occasionally I’ll go out to a sports bar and watch, but I can’t afford to do that too frequently. If nothing else, I can usually find streams on the internet.

You can also watch replays of games on the TSN website, which I’ll do if I miss a game but hear that it was a good one. I don’t find it’s as much fun to watch a replay, because I already know the score, but it plays without commercials, except at the beginning of each quarter. It’s nice to be able to watch whole quarters without interruptions.

When they do stream live on their website, they show the ads that people with a TV see, plus they display additional ads on their website. I imagine they get paid extra for those. Last year, when they published their TV numbers, they also gave a count of the number of people who watched on their website, so it looks like they can tally internet viewers.

And that's why I'll never support Rogers, their like anti-Canadian.

Actually I was wrong about one thing. They have been cutting ticket prices for these BILLS games every year and this wasn't for the second time as I wrote. However , I think that this is the biggest price drop yet.

Internet viewers are connected directly to get the game, they can count the number of streams in use pretty easily.

On TV, they only count if you have a meter at that time. The rest of us can safely change the channel when Edmonton is hard at work curing insomnia.

Just so you know the Bills- Toronto deal is being extending another five years, although Rogers will be paying a lot less and the price of tickets will be cheaper as well. Details aren't out yet, but I bet they'll drop the pre-season tilts so that would be 5 games for 5 years. I am betting it'll be around $25-30 million for the five games and the average ticket will be approx $100.00.