Yo, fellow cfl fanatics

ya gotta take the bad with the good.

that means that if a game sucks, you still watch it, or at least have you tvs tuned into it.
if your team sucks, you still give it the same support

otherwise, the good may not be around as long as we would like.

You don't have to tell me, I'm a Bomber fan and alas, a Maple Leaf fan.

Why not Bombers and Jets? or Argos and Leafs? Were you just a Leafs fan while there were no Jets? Just curious :stuck_out_tongue:

If I time record the games on my ancient VCR, does that still count as me tuning in?

Geez Dan you are a sucker for punishment, aren't you ?

I watch a game the Riders play no matter what.

I kept watching throught the dark days of the 90's when the league was falling apart. I'm sure glad that things turned around!

and yet we had some of the most exciting football ever during the 90s. what with the flutie bros, and Dunigan winning the cup with a serious shoulder injury, the best days of the pinball, etc.

I 've been a Leaf fan since I could crawl. Went to many games with my father when I was young and many more as I got older. I like other teams but the Leafs are in my heart. Same with the Bombers, since about 6 yrs. old watching on the old B&W TV. No matter how hopeless, I stick with my teams.

I feel your pain Dan; those have been my teams too. Growing up in Hamilton in the 50s/60s, it was almost automatic to hate the Argos but support English Canada's hockey team (becoming a Bomber fan was another story). Remember 1962 when they both won championships? Leafs beat Chicago for their first of three straight Cups, and Bombers won the Fog Bowl for their fourth Grey Cup in five years. Don't know if I'll live to see that again.

Things are turned around in all the CFL cities EXCEPT TORONTO -

I guess that you haven't heard this yet?

In 2012 ROGERS have already canceled 1 Bills in Toronto game and now ROGERS has just announced that they cutting ticket prices for the 8th [and hopefully final] Bills in Toronto game by a WHOPPING 51%

If these games made sooooo much money then WHY did they have to cut tickets prices at all for the SECOND time? :o :wink:

No word on any extension of this series yet?

I guess that Rogers doesn't want to look bad just 2 weeks after a completely sold out 2012 GREY CUP in , Toronto.

70% of all PAID for GREY CUP tickets [average price $300] were bought in Southern , Ontario. GO FIGURE. :rockin:

I'm sure this is in response to my joke about falling asleep during the Esks/Bombers game. Don't worry, I watched all the Edmonton games when we won 12 games over two seasons. :smiley:

As for the good in 2012; Calgary's Eric Taylor :thup: rolled up 441 all-purpose yards against Toronto, second in CFL history. Winnipeg's Albert Johnson III had a 474 yard performance in the year 2000.

Correction; Larry Taylor...... :oops:

...pffft, talk about embarrassing...(I mean the avatar)... :twisted:

Yes watching all the games and even though I have one favourite team, the remainng teams are still my second favourite.

What?.. The Vintage Rider avatar; It’s Jack Abendschan’s :thup: inductee year into the 2012 CFL Hall of Fame :cowboy:

I still double-take each time I see "backer" and that avatar together. It looks so good on you!!!! :lol: :rockin: :lol:

I totally agree! I think he should become a full-time convert. I have a jersey he can wear...

With regards to the survival of the league, unless I have one of the bbm portable people meters, how will anyone even know whether or not I watch? If no one can tell, how will my decision affect the league's survival?

Wouldn't spending money directly on my team be a better strategy?