Yo, Chief!

This Sunday, 5:00 Regina time...Esks @ Riders...avatars on the line for round one...name your terms for single game and season series...

You better win this bet jm02... Dont want to see you with an ugly avatar!

Well chief, time to pony up. U get to set the stakes, will u go for it or whimper out. Jmam is looking good I must say in this one. Let the trash (respectfully) talk begin. :thup:

O.K. that's it....I'll take the lovely jm02 on as for the avatar on the line switch up. Loser displays the other teams avatar until next Sunday/after all the week #3 games are complete. I'll let you make the terms for the season series. Yes or No? :wink:

I'm in - minimum five posts per day, Monday through Sunday (posting for posting's sake is perfectly acceptable in this case). As to the season series, I'm open to suggestion. Any other takers? Let's get a few from each side involved...

Too late :wink:

Nah her avatar is gorgeous.

As for yours we will have to do something about that forest troll in the green sweater...

For crap sakes. Can we have rollover posts? I occasionally forget to logon. :lol:

Nope. Meet the quota or I'm spammin' your Facebook page. :stuck_out_tongue:

There ya go Chief.....step up to the plate. Therefore.....once an Eskimo - always an Eskimo :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the Avatar game!!!

I'm really putting my butt on the line but any Mtl fans want to wager a bet for the game on now?

Nevermind, first quarters done and no way I’m taking a bet now, lol

Until Sunday, when you’re both Riders. 8)

…unless someone agrees to go topless I don’t see the point of all this…

Go for it. It'll probably get buried in my own Glau spam. :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone goes topless and you'd end up seeing two points, no?

Quit stirring the pot...or be faced with the kettle :cowboy:

Good thing u did hey!

Yeah, although gotta admit Bombers showed some flashes! Which is nice at least, nobody likes a thrashing.

OK, I will take the bet... its going to be fun seeing all those Eskimo fans showing Rider green!! :rockin: