Yo CFL staff

it’s Los Angeles Chargers now.

The Chargers belong in San Diego. And of course the Rams belong in Los Angeles, the Cardinals in St. Louis and the Raiders in Oakland.

I’m going to say yes, but that’s not happening again at all if not for decades and by that time I won’t care.

Rams - Yes

St. Louis is an NFL failure twice now so no


Of these four teams and cities, the Raiders would seem to me the most likely to return to Oakland.

The reception so far in Las Vegas is lacklustre but for those getting some solid construction work there.

One would think the Raiders would catch on with the novelty in the first five years there plus all the party packages for the well-to-do visiting including for an NFL game, but if the first season is timed with a huge recession as is well in the works already for 2020, well Las Vegas much like Florida and Hawai’i suffers greatly and it won’t be that much of a party.

Give the Raiders five seasons in Las Vegas by which time either it’s a raging success or they will be seeking for a way out in about a decade since departure from Oakland.

It is not necessarily they would return to Oakland without a great stadium deal that did not happen also because California is quite a mess, but I figure if they are not doing well in Las Vegas in the next decade that another area will step up to offer them the works to make the move (i.e. San Antonio would be merely one contender again given that Texas should do just fine like during the Great Recession given its vast and expanding energy sector - but Jerry Jones of Dallas would have to have a huge piece of that action to make that happen much like for getting Las Vegas approved and trumping even Sheldon Adelson the gambling and hospitality mogul and then 3rd richest American).

I’m still expecting the reason pro Leagues stayed out of Las Vegas for seventy years to rear its ugly head and tarnish the image of the NFL. That’s right. A big time gambling points-shaving or even inside info scandal. The risk of getting nipped is always there for those bold enough to enter the lions’ den.


Great point Baltic only now such need not come via Las Vegas any more given the prevalence of now lawful sports betting in more US states than ever.

The real problem I foresee is with live betting, which accounts for a majority of the action any more.

The potential for any given fraud or fix is very high, and I predict there will be mass uproar for sake of any given bad call or late flag at some point this season because not only do you have masses of folks new to gambling and bad beats (i.e. notice some of the immature reactions to Andrew Luck’s decision for those betting already on the Colts in futures), but the potential for fraud via live betting is higher than ever as with traditional fixed lines before a game starts.

Personally I am sitting out the season for sake of gambling because live betting is corrupting even regular lines along with the squares and sheeple.

What does any of this have to do with the CFL?

True - the thread ought be moved.

it ties into a cfl related link. Did you look?

But they started in Los Angeles :slight_smile:

I don’t care if the CFL got the location of the NFL’s Chargers wrong.
I also don’t think that fact needed a thread on a fan forum.

Why didn’t you just contact the CFL instead of opening a discussion thread?

No. BAH!

Yes, admittedly. It was in San Diego though that the Chargers established their proud tradition over a 57 year tenure.


This has, no doubt, been asked and answered before but I missed it. Why, particularly on a long weekend, are there only 3 games scheduled? Three teams on the bye?

its been fixed. kudos to the staff.

San Diego belongs in CFL, located right next to Mexico. San Diego Wave 10th CFL franchise.
Great owners with pockets full of cash. Sweet, what a big boost to viewer/sponsorship.
I’m in for season tickets!!!

seems to be a little error in the accuracy grade page. Got the accuracy for the week mixed up with the season standings. Double check your work eh :slight_smile:

ironic that it is about accuracy :slight_smile:

The Cardinals are the oldest franchise in the NFL and started in Chicago before moves to St. Louis and then Arizona.

And do you also remember the Decatur Staleys back in your day too sir? :stuck_out_tongue: