Yo Bob Bashers

If hamilton gets Printers and he bombs as bad as I think he will, will it be Bobs fault????

Fault, no. Responsibility, yes. That's accountability in a functional organization.

Responsibility is one thing. Being attacked with negative comments by the fans is another.

Responsibility only goes so far. Like with parents who do everything right, according to the experts, yet the punk still decided to be a shit.

not bob's fault, probably the offensive line, or the receivers....

Are you kidding??? Everything that happens with this team is one of two people's fault....

  1. Current QB (In this case Printers)
  2. Ron Lancaster

Receivers??? Come on Marcel said they were the easiest players to replace!

He is responsible I agree, everything his organization does comes back to him. He hired them.

I personally love Bob Young, has done the city and the team a world of good..just needs to focus on Football now..I think it will change..when?? I dunno

Bad analogy - you don't pick your relatives but you sure do pick your employees. In business responsibility is everything.

Whoever you think is at fault here, that guy has a boss that's ultimately responsible for ensuring he performs, and that guy has a boss that's ultimately responsible for ensuring he performs, and at the top of the chain is Mr. Young. Problems should be identified and solved at the appropriate level but, when they aren't, only the guy at the top can force things to change.

BTW, IMO Mr. Young has done it right this time with regards to the structure of the organization, and it will pay off in time. But he didn't the first time, which he readily admits. There will probably be a few more business cards shredded by the time this franchise gets squarely back on track, but IMO the current structure is the right one to make that happen.

I'm pretty sure that somewhere between the equally ridiculous extremes of RL being responsible for everything, and RL being beyond reproach for anything lies the truth.

Ron is a good man that accepted a job in a messed-up organization, but he held some pretty lofty job titles and, as far as I know, he cashed his paycheque every two weeks, so he's got to be responsible for something.

I wouldn't blame Bob Young, I'd blame that 'Caretaker' dood. Then I'd blame the Argos. Because they $uck.
If any blame is left it would go to the lack of adequate washrooms at Ivor Wynne that make me wait in line forever and ultimately have to resort to using the sink.
That's time I could have spent back in my seat chuggin' brews and yelling at that jerk O'Shea.
Which, as we all know, would make the team perform better.

Exactly....as a buisiness man he is responsible for the whole entire organization and everything flows to him. Is he at fault for the current state - no - he inhereited a huge mess - if he came in with the team riding high then YES he would be - but Bob is definately not UNTOUCHABLE as many think because he "saved the team". Coach Sal was on the FAN yesterday and think he hit the nail on the head. When Bob came in his focus was putting fans in the seat first - not putting together a football team. Well he has accomplished objective #1 and has been working on objective #2. Some will say the team comes first and a good team puts butts in the seats. Others maybe not - kinda what came first the chicken or egg. Mind you when we had a Grey Cup team we were barely breaking 20 000 in attendance so.....
So is it Bobs fault - no. Is he responsible for this club - yes. (was it Bobs fault those cheerleaders went on Stern - no but he is also responsible the cheerleaders and coach act appropriately and went in and fixed that situation) He chose attendance over football first and this is what you get...now football is the focus and if his track record speaks any volume in a few years we will have an organization tops of the league in attendance and record.

Not only does that contradict Sect. 8's rubric of accountability that you also advocate, but it is factually incorrect. He didn't "fix" the situation, he oversaw a coverup of the situation to hide the organization's role in that debacle, while at the same time hanging the cheerleaders in question out to dry. That's not accountability. That's not responsibility.

If I understand this correctly we are discussing whether or not Bob will be responsible if/when Casey Printers is a bust in Hamilton.

We haven't even has a press conference to say he has been signed. Holy Crap, talk about getting ahead of ourselves here or what.

Really good point, Glovesave. It's fantastic how we get ahead of ourselves sometimes on here isn't it?

Are you kidding??? Everything that happens with this team is one of two people's fault....
  1. Current QB (In this case Printers)
  2. Ron Lancaster

You forgot Danny Mac.....I remember that he was responsible for us being a bad football team, global warming, the price of gas and why Jessica Alba won't return my phone calls

Don't forget Grant and MacDonald. If they hadn't run out of money, the team wouldn't have been dismantled after 1999, the fans wouldn't have stopped coming to games, the CFL wouldn't have had to take it over, Bob Young wouldn't have had to be found, he wouldn't have made mistakes like hiring the wrong people, they in turn wouldn't have made mistakes like getting rid of Troy Davis, Joe Montford, Dave Hack, Mike Morreale and Rob Hitchcock, and we'd still be a dynasty today.

The sun is out. I can even stomach Bobby McFerrinisms today! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Oski Wee Wee,

How about the parents of Boreham, Yeast, Shaw, etc. If they hadn't encouraged their children to play football, then our poor,powerless GMs, coaches, scouts and owners wouldn't have been forced to sign their kids and suffer from their underwhelming performance.

It might be worthwhile to note that the original author of this thread looks to be a B.C. Lions fan, so I would take his/her opinions on the not-even-signed Casey Printers with a grain of salt.

B.C. fans, even the players, seem to be polarized on the issue of Casey's merits.

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you should also note that the intent of this topic was to challenge Bob bashers and defend bob, giving an opinion on printers was only an aside.