Yo Argos, sign bryce brown

This team has lacked a 1000 yard rusher since michael jenkins in 2001. Bryce Brown is a legit prep prospest, he is only 18, but has lebron james potential as a teenager. This kid is the #1 recruit, and wants to play pro ball. The argos would be be smart to sign him to a 3- years plus option contract, give him a nice signing bonus, and hook him up with bay street companies for some endorsements, they need more youth and explosiveness at the skill positions. Also open up the damn playbook. Stop signing overrated, overpriced, used/abused, over-the-hill RBs like john avery, robert edwards, troy davis, tyler ebell, and broke down receivers like rj soward, andre rison, johnnie mitchell. Also the owners need to stop appearing on third tier ghetto sports shows like "the grill room:"

This is one of the stupidest things I've heard, but if the Argos want a publicity stunt, this would be it.

Bryce Brown to the C.F.L.?

bryce brown is the truth, the argos have lacked a big play runningback in a while, they are obsessed with overweight, 30 year old runningbacks, and thats why their running game is horrible the past 8 seasons, every football man with common sense, knows you must develop and get new runningbacks often, and that runningbacks go downhill at age 30, look at shaun alexander. Bryce Brown is the combination of adrian peterson and brian westbrook.

I believe the CFL does not allow signing of under-classmen until their graduating class is draft eligible. I know the NFL relaxed the rule and allows college players in thier junior year to turn pro, but I don't think the CFL has followed suit. The Lions did dress Josh Boden in 2007 when he was 19 yrs old, but there may be different rules for junior football players.

BRYCE BROWN isnt that good he is going to play at miami of florida.....why him you know how many 1000 yard rushers you can draft are sitting at home who played 4 years in the ncaa?