Y'know, it's nice......

... to pretend to save the environment...
... to drive an "earth-friendly" hybrid (although hybrids still emit so they're not earth-friendly! And what do you do with their huge battery cells when they wear out?)
... to jump on the green band wagon at every turn
... to recycle; only to insist on drinking bottled water; a practice that adds huge amounts to our landfills 'cuz people don't know what a blue box is!

But, to see Ron Lancaster extolling the virtues of trashing fridges is SAD!

WTF? C'mon!

Bob, you've gone too far if you're using this team to fight "global warming"!

I was gonna' hop on the GO bus on Saturday and come to the game; but, screw it!

I'm gonna' go spray Freon in the air instead!!!