Y'know, compared to Hamilton...


... I hate to admit it, but Ottawa's ownership group and city council did an exceptional job throughout the Ottawa stadium debate.

OSEG presented a vision directly to the people through the media, got everyone's imagination going and gave everyone a plan to latch onto. Bob Young never provided a concrete plan for his east mountain vision, and only provided one for the west harbour site late in the game.

Ottawa city council looked at all potential locations, placed them in order of acceptance by clearly defined criteria, and demanded peer-reviewed business cases for the two remaining options. They recognized the importance of private sector involvement, and there was close collaboration between city staff and the CFL ownership group. In the end, they supported a good plan even though it meant coming up with a lot of their own money.

Hamilton has been the opposite. The vast majority of councillors have latched onto a dream that this stadium will magically rejuvinate their downtown core, defying expert consulants, private sector partners, and the alleged "advice" of upper levels of government. They never conducted a business case, they just challenged anybody who questioned the site to "prove that it won't work". Even though they had nearly $60M in federal and provincial funding giftwrapped for them, and a private sector offer worth $75M, odds are that Hamilton council has sealed the fate of their new stadium project.

I can't believe I'm saying it, but....... kudos, Ottawa city council..... kudos...... :wink:

Good point. It was the mostly-NIMBY opposition that made the whole thing look like a circus as they overreacted to everything they saw and heard, lied about parts of the proposal, etc.

Council could have appeared more decisive and been more clear about the process, but overall, their part of it wasn't that bad considering the scale of the project.

I think that Ottawa Mayor O'brien did a great job to get the project going and addressing all the issues. He just doesn't get enough credit and he's gone through some rough times, some councillors and the unions trying to discredit him. I know that he is only one vote on the council but I think he pulled a lot of strings and twisted a few arms of the councillors that wanted to delay the vote and put it off until the next election. He worked closely with OSEG and Hunt to counter all the negative points raised by the anti-Lansdowne side. The OSEG group did a great job to emphasize that the project was about development of the whole Lansdowne site complete with the condos/restaurants/park etc and not just about a stadium.

I don't know what the Mayor of Hamilton was thinking or the councillors, a terrible job!! They never thought to work with Bob Young or any developers.

It wouldn't surprise me one bit if the Ticats end up in Ottawa .

I think O’brien, as he seems to like to do, got off on the wrong foot but eventually righted the ship.

He talked about OSEG before they had their proposal fully completed. While they were doing that, Doucet had time to push his design competition nonsense. When OSEG’s proposal finally came in, it made them look as though they were interrupting the competition rather than the other way around.

You’re probably right that he got people like Hume on board, who was all for a competition at first. But he could have made the whole thing a lot easier.

All Bob Young has been doing is shooting down the West Harbour option. He hasn't even considered other options.
If Young's silly antics with the media continue, I wouldn't be surprised if the league stepped in. Young needs to rethink his options.

And although Ottawa city council did a fantastic job of picking the site and getting plans ready for 2011, the city did not neccesarily agree. City council voted 15-9 in favor of rebuilding, not a very enthusiastic council.

Silly antics? Bob Young has spent $30 million on the Ticats since buying them. Nobody else wanted to buy the team and he's willing to lose money year after year. He wants the stadium built close to a highway with easy access and the rights to control things like a huge parking lot. If a stadium is built in the West Harbour which is an area similar to Ivor Wynne he doesn't get revenue from parking, no revenue from naming rights and lack of access. He has every right to complain where the stadium should be located. He has every right to walk away and that wouldn't surprise me. Building a stadium in the west harbour will do nothing to revitalize a run down industrial area.

Are you kidding? Bob Young had a list of 10-odd locations that would work for a Ti-cats stadium. West Harbour was dead last (if it even made it ON the list). He's basically said that pretty much any location BUT West Harbour would suffice. The site he's pushing for now, East Mountain, isn't even his first choice - it's a compromise chosen by an independent arbitrator. The city has chosen to ignore the compromise as well as the Ti-cats by choosing West Harbour. (btw the current support for West Harbour stands at 10:6, same ratio as 15:9.)

Aside from that, I wonder how Jeff Hunt et al would feel about taking an existing team (the Ti-cats) instead of having their own team. I get the impression that they'd prefer to make their own team, rather than moving the Ti-cats to Ottawa ... on a personal note I think it would be a shame to lose the Ti-cats name (I doubt they'd go with "Ottawa Tiger-Cats") so I'm hoping that if Hamilton is forced to move, it's to another city other than Ottawa. Not to mention that way, the league would still grow by a team...

I thought I would mention that the facilitator recommended either the West Harbour or the East Mountain, not just one site. Hamilton also looked at several sites, and they commissioned Urban Strategies Inc. to review the sites back in 2003 back with the Commonwealth Bid. On Page 14 you’ll note this report dated back to 2003.

[url=http://www.hamilton.ca/NR/rdonlyres/7A8841D2-5409-4890-8BE4-AEA133D45DC1/0/Jan12PED08091bPanAmGamesBidUpdateJan609.pdf]http://www.hamilton.ca/NR/rdonlyres/7A8 ... Jan609.pdf[/url]

Around page 18, you can see the West Harbor, Pier 8, an East End Gateway (Confederation Park/LaFarge Slag Yard), Central Bayfront, Downtown Core Proper, Hamilton Airport, Cedoke Civic Golf Course and several other parklands were suggested and reviewed. The report goes into further detail, and eventually at the end the report suggested either West Harbor, somewhere on the East Mountain or the East End Gateway.

The East End Gateway was removed from the process because it was existing green-space, there was already other planned development to occur there (for Confederation Park) or It’s also a bad location in my mind due to it’s proximity to the steel mills and Woodward septic plants (for LaFarge and IMO Confederation Park). Both sides also suffered from a complete lack of commercial/redevelopment opportunities and required substantial infrastructure upgrades and traffic issues at Centennial Parkway.

The East Mountain was axed because it required about $20 million in traffic and drainage infrastructure upgrades to be done for the area to be able to handle the location by the Pan-Ams (as there is a lack of drainage due to fact the site is wedged between the Red Hill Creek and the Eramosa Karst and the roads don’t have sufficient capacity) there also is a complete lack of GO transit possibilities for this location, because there isn’t any line going up there. They wanted to ask the Cats what the exact terms and requirements their support for this location would be, and how these costs would be addressed but Young had abandoned the pre-vote debate and pretty much council’s specialists basically said “Well this is what they said before they left all together, I can’t speak on their behalf.”

That left council with the West Harbor location, which they sold the Pan-Ams on during the bidding process and the previous council had voted upon. Bob didn’t seem to object until this April, and we still haven’t seen the report from Bob showing the West Harbor won’t work, which if he would do, would certainly help his position . :frowning: