Yet more bad news for Rider Nation

St Germain announces his retirement.

Bad news? We still have Makowsky, O'Day, Abrou-Mechrek, Jones, Parenteau on the Oline. At best, St. Germaine was a back-up, so not a big loss in terms of depth.

C'mon, Sambo, you're ruining his fun...

Hmm the article say he was an all star is this what you say about all stars! :lol: :lol:

It says he was a formerall-star...

Well Chief that is a no brainer. He retried! :lol: :lol: Go get tips from your older brother will you.

You can add Best, Frenette, Johnson... we have a lot of depth at Oline, seems to me he saw the writing on the wall... seems you like to smack your head against said wall, 05... and didn't we trade an Olineman to you last year, one who just another back-up here?

Actually Sambo he has a starting roll and loves Calgary go figure. Any time you lose a good Olineman it can not be a good day. Much like Calgary losing Jay McNeil not good for us but along came the riders with a trade that filled the void. But hey you guys got a good player in Cates. But still when ever you lose a good olineman it is not a good day. :lol:

If I remember correctly he played less than a game last season and was injured.

Our back-ups become your starters.. interesting take though , 05. Germain realized that there was no room for him here, and that there would be no takers if he was released, so he decided to retire, his "all-star" days behind him. No big loss really, but you go ahead and keep dreaming, and send me some of that stuff you have been smoking recently.

Now Sambo you are ruining my fun.

Someone sure has a fixation on the riders

Yup...this story is really no big deal...

N0 head coach, QB is upset whining and is going to try the NFL, riders yet again over the cap seems like a good day.

Yes, '05, and I'm sure Tillman is fully prepared to have none of those issues resolved prior to training camp :roll:...nice troll effort, but I'd stick to your day job...

Let's consider this.
The Stamps lose Jay McNeil to retirement, arguably their best o-lineman, and the Riders lose a guy who was only brought into camp because we had 3 starting lineman on the injury list and he played, I believe 2, maybe 3 games for us.
And had he not "retired" it was unlikely we would have even brought him to TC this year....
Yep. That one is a push.
Hey, 05.
How about Paranteau for Nik Lewis?
Even up?
Paranteau is better than Lazeo and you seem happy with that deal.....

Anyway, good for Val.
Able to go out a champion.
To bad for Jay McNeil......

God answer jm02 a different opinion means troll to some it appears.
Who else will leave? Maybe Andy Fantuz will be the only player left and the riders would still be over the cap. All kidding aside you have to hand it to your team they are not having to make good news announcements later. NO aasutin, no KJ, NO repeat :roll:

And you never call people trolls?

Have a different opinion all you want to...bringing up the exact same topics over and over in order to extract a negative reaction is trolling, guy...and I couldn't possibly care less if the Riders repeat as Cup champs...don't much care that they're Cup champs this year...see, some of us don't pin our successes on how successful a team we root for is...

NO I leave that to you..