Yet another Trestman rumor...

Apparently he's the leading candidate to be the OC for the newly named HC Ron Rivera of the NFL's Carolina Panther's.But again this is coming from Sportsnet so yeah...

Coach just signed a new contract, Jim just signed a new contract. i dont know why the media keeps picking up quotes from blogs and any internet source… Journalism is dead.

Seriously. I haven't heard a single credible source confirm any of these BS rumors over the past month or so. It's just some blogger's wishful thinking or a hack journalist speculating on who an NFL team may or may not be planning on interviewing.

Multiple reports indicate Sportsnet is the worse specialty channel in Canada


Lets hope those reports don't come from blogs, but I get your point about journalism.

A couple of months ago I got a tweet from revered (by some) Canadian author Margaret Atwood. She twitted some partisan political nonsense, so I asked her for some sources. The best she could come up with was some overtly partisan blog somewhere that referenced OTHER BLOGS as the source of fact for her opinion. Needless to say my respect for her dropped faster than she did from my list of those I follow. What a disappointment.

Journalism, for the most part and with a couple of noticeable exceptions, really is mostly dead. It's all about opinion masquerading as fact now.

Sports journalism is basically opinions and speculation and nothing more.

Trestman will go nowhere, someone already posted in another topic that he has [u]NO[/u] escape clause in his contract.....

I know all your other team fans wants him out of your way :wink:, but he's staying put in Montreal until Dec 2012 !

Not true. Finding sources for trades and signings is a vital component of sports journalism. That's not to say that opinion and speculation aren't important as well. But a good sports reporter's job involves a lot more than opinion.

He enjoys it here and the people he works for/with.

It is a long term gig if he wants it to be

He is very well paid

He can build other businesses with his time off , QB development, he writes, second book is coming !

He can spend time with his family.

Give all that up so that he can work 18 hour days , year round with a rookie staff to rebuild a broken franchise ???

If this wasnt Sportsnet were talking about, I may give this more clout.
This whole thing is silly. Trestman will be back in Montreal. Anybody can put out a rumor, Miami, Minnesota, Carolina, blah blah blah. Wettenhall has shown no indication of releasing Trestman from his contract. Trestman signed a contract and he will honor it.

Trestman has a great agent. no question.

sportsnet is full of crap.. a week ago they had hall signing in sask.. well a week later.. there has been no official announcement, same with chamblin to hamilton.. NO OFFICIAL announcement and all first reported by sportsnet, now this.. Maaan, u no... sportsnet is rogers, rogers is a piece of crap, all rogers does is crap on the cfl because tsn owns them and they want an nfl team so they pay their guys to crap on and make up rumors about the cfl.. If anyone takes sportsnet cfl coverage seriously.. MAAAN c'mon... these guys are full of crap and then some.. Trestman to Carolina? Hall to Sask? Chamblin to Ham? yeah get back to me when its actually OFFICIAL.

Sportsnet is owned by Rogers which hates the CFL.
That's all we need to know about this less then credible entity.
Enough said.

I think the mods should just pin a "Trestman Rumour of the Month" thread so we don't have to start a new one everytime someone in the media links him to a job opening down south.

I posted it mostly sarcasticly if that helps :slight_smile:

Trust us, we Als fans are as annoyed by these recurring Trestman rumors as y'all are. It's not helped by the fact that certain Als reporters like Herb Z. actively fan the flames by posting any half-baked blogger's fantasy and calling it a rumor.

i think too many people are just in schock that the als coach likes the CFL and probably wont leave unless its a perfect offer. he wont leave a great job here to coach the raiders. at least, i hope he wouldnt.