Yet another Ticat team to play for a championship next week

Still one more Ti-Cat team to play for a championship next week and as it happens they will be playing the Lions, no kidding.
My son plays Atom football in the Burlington Minor Football League and they are playing for the championship next week against the Lions. He really, really wants to win now after yesterday.

The funny part is we finished 4th (out of 8 teams) beat the Eskimos two weeks ago and Saturday beat the Argos. The Lions finished 7th and beat out the Alouettes two weeks ago and the number one team the Blue Bombers on Saturday.

Marwan Hage even came to a practice a few weeks ago, my son loved it. Anyway, hopefully, these Ticats beat the Lions!!!!

B.M.F.A. house league finals - Peewee Champs Tiger-Cats - Tyke - Champs - Tiger-Cats - Atom - Champs - Lions - grr.. my son was an Atom Tiger-Cat, rats!

Next Saturday - B.M.F.A. House League champs play the Hamilton House League champs here in Burlington starting at 10:00 am with the Tykes then followed by the Atoms and finishing off with the Peewees. The games are at Corpus Christi high school on Upper Middle Rd. East of Appleby.

Great supporting the kids, Rev.

Now, a reversal of roles.... Rev, sorry for your loss :wink:


Not to worry Pjay my son had a great time playing and I had a great time helping out a little. If my son keeps the fun part of the fundamentals I’m happy. Real victory in athletics is as my signature says, the sum of the effort made in preparation and discipline. The score works out for only one team and that’s just the way it is.