Yet another reason to like the Argos

I just got my season ticket package in the mail…well, by courier actually.

Just to show how committed this organization is to the fans, they sent along a framed, 11x16 composite of last year’s Grey Cup win. It’s a really nice piece. I’m most impressed! The ticket package itself is quite professional looking with a Grey Cup embossed on each ticket. Good work to Mr’s Pelley, Cynamon and Sokolowski and all the Argo staff on this fantastic season ticket package!

Can’t wait for the season to start!!

Yes , it was a great package…I got mine on the May 30th.

GO ARGOS GO :smiley: 8)

I got mine as well. It is a pretty nice plaque and I hear that Noel Prefontaine had something to do with the design of it.

Incredible package. I even know people who are fans of other teams that were impressed. Good job, Argos!